The blackest day in Felix Magath’s football


Losing 3-1 to the smirking dim one called Sherwood must rank as the worst thing on the Fulham manager’s long and distinguished CV as both player and coach.

I read a report of this game that all down to the fact goals were scored this was entertaining. And that’s what the AVB haters wanted, entertained. Well I imagine those that stayed away, a very obvious number of empty blue seats, were more entertained doing whatever they’d chosen to do than watch this rubbish.

I tweeted that it could be the last match on MotD even with the paucity of quality fixtures on Saturday, amazingly it wasn’t but it said as much about those other games than this one.

Never mind the quality, feel the goals.

Goals that didn’t look like they’d come from the home side as they meandered about like it was a pre-season or meaningless end of season game. Well it really is the latter, it’s just another nothing game where we’re all counting down until Tim departs and we can try and get back on track.

Tim sent them out cautious because of last week. At home, against a team that’s been relegation fodder most of the season, gone through two previous mangers before arriving at the German, a team that ship goals for fun – over two a game – while not being too prolific at the other end – one a game.

And to go with all that were missing their best player, Lewis Holtby, thankfully unable to play against his parent club. Even when those in charge at that club are stupid enough to allow him to go out on loan.

Just one of a number who will be glad to see the back of Sherwood. He backers and lovers amongst the playing staff is very telling.

Harry Kane says he’s a great manager – while some go crazy that a striker has scored three on the trot, forgetting to mention it was all against relegation fodder – when asked the to advance Sherwood’s cause Eriksen does the least possible by basically saying what he said, then laughing and looking away with a “yeah, right” expression. As he keeps picking up the man of the match awards the British media, Sky & BT, keep trying to get Eriksen to big up Sherwood’s managerial skills. And every week he knocks them back with a non-committal response.

Now we have Sherwood claiming he discovered Eriksen. Just a shame he didn’t discover Sandro. Then again that would have deprived us of Sandro’s pre-match Tweet…

…and then his post match Tweet response to Sherwood saying that Sandro isn’t good enough to be in the side at the minute.

All very telling, especially that two days after they were posted and talked about extensively by Sky and BT that they are still on Sandro’s feed.

Tim probably didn’t read that – can he read? – too busy praising Naughton.

All in all Sandro and Eriksen’s responses either side of the match were far more enjoyable than the rubbish that apparently entertained us on the pitch.

A cracking free kick from Eriksen that was so dangerous and the slightest touch from attacker or defender was going to result in a goal, created Paulinho’s opener.

Which was shortly followed, less than 2 minutes later, by the comedy defending that’s a hallmark of Sherwood’s defence. If he’s taking credit for it at one end, he has to take it at the other. All of Dim’s favourites there, Fryers at centre-back – seemingly just to punish Vlad – playing in Sidwell, Naughtoon more likely to concede a penalty than tackle the player and it’s one all.

Though this did bring some goodish news. Hugo Lloris stated We conceded another stupid goal. It shows we have a problem with concentration and I hope we can learn from it for next season. Next season, next season, he’s indicating he’ll be here next season.

Hopefully those immediately in front of him here won’t be for the most part.

It took Aaron Lennon’s second assist in two games to get Spurs back on track. A left footed one at that. Onto ‘is ‘ead son. You cold hear Dim in training – yeah, I know training, right. And Kane got his goal.

Tim says Kane wouldn’t get games under other managers. I wonder who he means? Tim says he knows the under 21s and he gives ’em a go. Yes he does but it’s got nothing to do with their ability, it’s to do with his. He can’t handle seasoned professionals, who have played at a higher level than him. They know he’s a fake. Impressionable kids on the other hand. That’s his level.

Again as so often it was down to Lloris to keep the lead with another great save before a mirror image of the first goal made it 3-1. Eriksen, whipped in the ball and Kaboul was the one who got the touch.

There was still time for Eriksen to blot his copybook with a handball for a penalty and then for Lloris to save the day again getting a good hand to Sidwell’s spot-kick.

This was a nothing game where again Tim was saved by individual brilliance as his team were tactically all at seas. All amounted to in the end was to chalk off one more game less before he departs to some lower league side who fall for all the bluff and bluster.

Ah, but don’t the fans love that honest (© BTSport & SkySport)? We’d love it maybe if we didn’t know it was just rubbish trying to detract from Timmy’s ineptness. Maybe some honesty about why they shouldn’t be struggling against the likes of Fulham and why they’re the games that have padded Timmy’s winning stats somewhat.

And I just wonder what the media would say if AVB had come out with it.

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