Everyone deserves a second chance

they have to learn from this.

So Peter Moores is reinstalled as the England cricket coach and Kevin Pietersen as had his say, though don’t know if he quite gets it.


Is it more a statement on what Kevin thinks he deserves than on what the man he fell out with that saw them both sacked deserves?

If you take into account that situation between the pair then Pietersen staying in the side was his second chance, his return after driving Andrew Strauss out his third. Strike three, you’re out.

So Moores has started off as he left off, pissing off Pietersen. Last time he made sure we didn’t have to put up with the batsman as captain now it’s double sure that he won’t return as a player.

So that’s two ticks in the pro column.

Now he’s also leaving the Lancs after delivering their first Championship title for a couple of millennia. Which adds another tick. While also moving in and moving out Ashley Giles. The Wheelie Bin, thankfully gone, another plus.

When you looked at the line up of candidates, Giles quite frankly was bottom of the pile, needing his media mates to talk him up because there was nothing on the CV saying “pick me”. Everything was saying, dull, dull, dull, ditch water.

But then would those dull interviews be any better than the management speak we got from Moores?

Back when he went I posted asking has a an every spoken so many words without actually saying anything? It was the full clipboard claptrap that so many of the cricketers love. Positives to be taken and the things they’ll learn from this – always the standard after defeats.

Well there are positives from this, those above, but will Moores have learned anything?

The cricket wasn’t good, players with promise faded, results weren’t there. Luckily it seems Paul Farbrace will be installed as Moores number two, hopefully he can cut through the waffle and give it to the players straight. Personally he would have been my number two to Trevor Bayliss, rather than Moores.

We’ll see if it has a happy ended – even though getting shot of Pietersen as captain was a happy event last time.

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