It’s games like that, that makes the Premier League the

Stoke City 0 - 1 Tottenham Hotspur

bestest in the whole world.

An unremittingly awful game of football from some, clogging thuggery from others, fitting last on Match of the Day, highlighting everything wrong about both Spurs and Stoke.

The only good thing about the whole game was how wound up Mark Hughes got about perceived injustices his clogging Neanderthals received at the hands of the referee.

And in that typical moaning Mark Hughes way he got it completely wrong, where the ref got it right, while missing the one point where the ref missed one that should have gone in Stoke favour. But then no one ever accused Hughes of being the brightest.

But then if none of it had happened then there would have been nothing to talk about with regards the game. It was the same humping, clogging from the home team – oh, how they’ve come on from the Pulis days – it was the same windy, pissing it down weather from Stoke and it was the same clueless running about from the visitors. When you go in at half-time close to being level in possession with Stoke it highlights a lot about a team.

Ah but goals is why Tim Sherwood was employed. And they went in one up, after Danny Rose did his John Charles impersonation and powered in a back post header. You couldn’t make it up. Against Stoke of all teams a bloke so tall he wouldn’t look out of place carrying a tray of white powder round a Queen party in the 1980s. And well also a player without a league goal for Spurs for sometime. Sometime since his only goal. That goal.

It wasn’t his final act on the day. two more to come.

First off the one that Hughes missed. Adebayor’s elbow on Shawcross, which could very easily have seen a red card for the Spurs player. Maybe the ref missed it, maybe he just figured Stoke players hand it out and they might deserve some of it back.

Adebayor also had a little scuffle with Charlie Adam, who didn’t play but was warming up on the side. Now if Adebayor had at some point completely done Adam, I may have forgiven him for everything.

Shawcross was involved a couple of times after as well. First he cynically blocked off Eriksen who had nutmegged him for a deserved yellow. Then in the second half, shortly after the resumption, he landed a wild kick on Rose that saw a deserved second yellow, leading to his dismissal.

Hughes and the player can have no complaints about either card. The fact the former did complain and then tried to belittle the ref shows what a clueless and classless individual he is. It’s a real shame he didn’t take this lot of cave dwellers – players and fans – down this season.

The loathsome mob in the stands who seem happy to pay and revel in the poor excuse for football they are presented with instead of turning on the crap in red and white stripes and that which manages them turned their anger Rose for his undoubted effrontary of being kicked.

Shortly after he was assaulted by another striped thug. Which, along with the crowd barracking, caused Rose to lose his head – not exactly a hard thing to bring a bout. He pushed the assaulter after chasing him down. Hughes and the mob’s outrage was just really starting. Rose was yellow carded for his actions, somehow Cameron was not booked at all. Ref got the latter wrong and the first one right.

The fact they wanted Rose sent off and he wasn’t, it was a push to the chest nowhere near his head or face, led to more and more abuse. Bizarrely Sherwood then made a decent managerial decision and withdrew the fullback for Fryers. Rose wasn’t happy.

And quite frankly that’s all there was in this game, part from the fact Lloris had to make a couple of decent saves when Stoke were down to ten men to preserve that now rare clean sheet.

Yes Tim was brought in to make the teams score goals and he says he’s ticked that box. I wonder was he also brought in to give the opposition more of the ball, allow them more shots and give them more goals because those are boxes he’s ticked as well.

He’s also ticked the hypocritical and embarrassment boxes as well.

After while Hughes was moaning so was Tim about others touting for his job. Van Gaal and Hoddle.

Every press conference I do it’s ‘this manager’s coming in’ – van Gaal, then Hoddle, this one and that one.
It’s something that doesn’t sit well with me. If anyone ever asks me about another job I just tell them that they’ve got another manager.
Until they haven’t got a manager and until I haven’t got a job, say nothing. – Tim Sherwood

Shall we ask AVB about this. I’m sure he’ll tell us you were working quietly in the background when he was manager and weren’t at any time in Daniel Levy’s ear saying Give me the job, I’m better, I can do it.

Oh and all the while Zenit Saint Petersburg’s Twitter account is trolling Spurs fans by posting their latest victory under AVB. Six out of six since his arrival.

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