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No doubt Timmy’s phone will be ringing off the hook after his teams dismal capitulation to dismal opposition as for the third time this season Spurs lost to West Ham.

Again a game goes by and the only redeeming fact is it’s more more game chalked off be we rid ourselves of this so called manager.

Well it had one more and that was highlighting the way Adebayor has dicked the club around as he ponced out of contributing anything for the club that pays his considerable wages while simultaneously helping the opposition.

In one game expertly showing exactly why AVB didn’t want this club house cancer anywhere near the first team.

Following on the trend of late this was again an awful game purporting to be football. Very little football was played, well with Dimwood and Allardyce in opposing dugouts this surely couldn’t have come as any surprise. Plan A, hoofball.

There was one bit of football. A ball that was heading out of play was chased down by Harry Kane who played an excellent ball to the charging Sigurdsson, his cross found Eriksen but he kind of slowed it down but passed on to the open Adebayor who weakly put a back pass into the ‘keeper. It summed up his commitment.

What went on elsewhere summed up the players commitment to the current manager, as the Danny Rose show kicked in.

First off our Danny was wandering about when the Spammers had a break, he decided to run round the other side of Downing leaving Kaboul as the only defender with a chance of stopping the player, he did this by bundling him over. Foul? Yes. Red card? Yes. Undercarriage up? Yes.

From the free kick Spurs man of the match, Lloris, made a brilliant save from Carroll. Shortly after, yet again, his brilliance was wasted as Carroll nodded the set piece back where Kane nodded it in, looping it over the scrambling Frenchman in goal.

Before the game had started we were all subjected to some of the most pathetic pre-match prattle from BT Sport, as Ray Stubbs claimed Timmy’s phone would be off the hook with job offers – though I hear the Spud-U-Like in Barnstaple is hiring a part-time cleaner – and that Timmy and Fat Sam deserve more respect.

One of them at half time then started slagging off Lloris, irony of ironies, it was David “Calamity” James, one of the biggest clowns to feature between the sticks. This was the same James who said those pair deserved respect and then in the same breath dismissed Frank de Boer as a nobody because he won the title in a one team division. The fact he’s won it four times on the trot, which no other Ajax manager has ever achieved before and prior to this run had only won it twice in the previous 12 seasons, deserved no respect at all.

All that done by someone who is two years younger than Timmy, has 109 more international caps and has five more league titles as a player. Respec innit.

Well Timmy is clueless with 11 men, well 10 with Adebayor, so down one it’s even worse as West Ham dominated the play. That last bit deserves repeating but it’s too depressing to do so. Then the Danny show kicked in again. A useless pass that couldn’t be chased down resulted in another free-kick being given away just outside the box. This time Carroll left it and Jo’s Tweet proved quite prophetic.

Seconds later the gates opened and Stewart Downing duly opened his West Ham account.

Those gates were manned by Emmanuel Adebayor and Paulinho who as the ball was kicked turned to each other and allowed the weak hit shot a free path to goal.

Modern day footballers. They’re millionaires, from weekly wages sometimes in the hundred of thousands. Yet they can’t, or won’t, kick the ball with their “wrong” foot and they won’t put their body in the way of a lightweight plastic ball kicked at them. For the latter see Rio Ferdinand in almost every game. Funny he doesn’t get the criticism from some quarters – *cough* media mates *cough*

At this point the end couldn’t come quick enough. There was still a half to go.

Can’t really remember much of that second 45, was somewhat distracted, by what I can’t quite remember it wasn’t memorable at all but still more than what was being put on by Tim & Sam.

Only noticed Timmy made changes that should have come far sooner, too late and then Danny Rose had Spurs’ second best chance to score. Danny Rose, dear god.

It was one more game gone, there should only be one more game to go but then this is Spurs and Adebayor wants his mate Timmy to stay as manager – though if that’s Adebayor playing for a manager he likes – as do all Timmy’s media mates. Well for the former it’s his only chance, any manager of any note will want rid, like AVB did, while it’s good copy for the latter, Tim’s dim comments and the slapstick nature of the football.

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