Roy believed England could win the World


After England’s second straight 2-1 defeat in the first two group matches does anyone now truly believe England will get out of the first round? Does anyone believe in Roy?

Said before the World Cup kicked off that Roy’s trio would cost England in the predicted losses to Italy and Uruguay and oh boy did they not disappoint. Lived right down to the hype as England lost their first two games at the World Cup for the first time and look to be heading out of the competition at the group stage for the first time since 1958.

Steven Gerrard showed that he’s not the shielding midfielder that everyone told us he was after this season at his club. Glen Johnson showed he’s a useless defender. Wayne Rooney showed he’s not in the class of the star players of other nations.

So Wayne finally scored a World Cup goal, you can’t stick your hand up now when someone asks who has scored the same number of World Cup goals as England’s number 10 any more. A three yard tap in. Superstar.

While Uruguay’s star man would play, there was no doubt, even a month after undergoing knee surgery and having no game time under his belt. He would play and play in his best position. He would then perform and lead his team to victory. While England’s great pasty hope wasn’t guaranteed his place or his favoured position.

Well he really was guaranteed his place because Roy was never going to drop him.

Of course Rooney is still lauded for the tap in the way he was for his one contribution against Italy. While Suarez had two chances, which weren’t easy, that he scored from, Rooney’s had a number which he’s failed with. He’s useless out wide, where of course his faults were blamed on Baines, and in the middle he has the same smothering effect on those around him that Gerrard does in the middle. Sturridge and Sterling were pretty non-existent in this game.

But Roy likes the fact he ran around a lot.

Captain Marvel in the middle. Anyone seen him since the game finished? Has he faced up to explain on telly? Everyone else is stumping up much as others are taking the blame for his inabilities. Shouldn’t the captain front up?

Jagielka, who did appear before the camera’s shortly after the final whistle, was being accused for the opener, when it was Gerrard who lost possession easily in the middle of the park, then Johnson fails miserably to defend and allows Cavanai an easy cross for Suarez.

Who saw either of those two things happening?

Johnson of course is praised for the skilful run to set up the equaliser. Skilful, yes I’ve really seen someone describe it that way. When you look at it he Walcotted the run, no control over anything while one lunge from Uruguay failed to stop him and then the second defender had a shocker of an attempt and completely missed the ball. Skilful? No. Lucky? Yes.

Of course some are still talking England up, though saying they were poorer than against Italy, the chances England missed – Rooney free-kick, Rooney header off the post, Rooney sitter hit at the goalkeeper my god he’s the white Defoe – while as they did with Italy glossing over the chances they had – clearance off the line, woodwork hit twice etc.

You’d think Suarez’s two goals were the only times Uruguay got close to scoring. Twice the same player caught out England at corners, taking quick ones aimed at the near post while Hart and the rest were wandering around oblivious. Once, you might be forgiven, twice in a short space of time is shockingly awful. Cavani then had a chance from a Tottenham corner as he played the part of Sheringham.

Rodriguez had a shot over the bar, as close as Rooney’s free-kick, a Cavani shot wide when one on one with Hart and he should have done better. completely Rooney’d it.

England were clueless. Nothing up front, nothing in the middle and calamity at the back. Some saying Terry would have stopped the winning goal – much like they claimed Cole would have made a difference against Italy. Well I seem to recall Terry didn’t stop a hump down the park that Germany scored from in 2010.

Hump down the park. Weren’t they supposed to learn from past mistakes? Of course others are getting the blame but Gerrard nicely assisted his club mate.

The positives that were talked up after the Italy game did they lead to this performance? Believed the hype and paid the price. Now England face the team who beat Uruguay 3-1 with still a chance of getting out of this group. But what will Roy do, pick the same lot that have failed twice running. Or will Roy finally unleash the team he should have started with, the fact he’s still talking of Gerrard as his captain after this tournament doesn’t bode well.

One win in their last six World Cup finals games.

Now I wanted Roy as manager, wanted him back in ’99 when Hoddle paid the price for pre-Twitter outrage, wanted him this time – mainly because it pissed on ‘Arry’s chips – but honestly I made a mistake, he’s out of his depth. No he doesn’t have as much to work with as other teams but that is in the most part of his making. Anyone who keeps picking Johnson, Gerrard and Rooney as he does, while giving ten minutes hear and there for Lallana and Barkley doesn’t deserve to keep the job.

Managing like this may have kept Fulham in the Premier League but it got him the sack from Liverpool – the irony of all those scouse based players. People say changing the manager would have no effect with these players but Roy has been tried and found wanting, keeping him won’t improve anything.

England went to Brazil with low expectations and yet they still managed to disappoint.

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