Two things that should see Roy sacked before the plane

takes off from Brazil.

Since England’s exit from the World Cup after two straight defeats Roy Hodgson has done nothing to justify the F.A. not handing him his P45.

His latest two blunders are prime examples of why England can’t go forward with Roy at the helm, as they show he hasn’t learned a single lesson from this tournament debacle.

All you heard over the last few weeks was that Hodgson had embraced youth and this was a youthful England side for the future. Yes there was some youngsters in the side but Roy’s inability to stop clinging to the past cost him and he still can’t help himself.

Captain Courageous Coward, Steven Gerrard has finally shown his face and told everyone that Roy has asked him – probably pleaded – to stay on and be his captain. While Gerrard is taking his time to decide if he should carry on. Take your time Stevie.

So a player who should be discarded as a past failure, a player who shouldn’t even have been at this tournament is making his mind up if he wants to carry on at Roy’s behest. Not just carry on but as captain when it’s a job he’s shown to be, especially in this tournament, utterly out of his depth.

When England were struggling on the left everyone was blaming Baines, yet where was Captain Marvel instructing Rooney to do his job correctly? When England got the equaliser against Uruguay where was the captain telling everyone to calm down, calm down, a draw would do, no need for gung-ho attacking.

Being a captain isn’t running around like a headless chicken, playing aimless Hollywood balls and testing those sitting in row Z with glory shots. Those that go on about Gerrard stay on keep on banging on about things he’s done in the game, all of which are for his club, none for his country where his best game was against the might if Andorra and the rest consisted of costing England in a number of big games.

And wanting Gerrard to carry on certainly isn’t looking to the future.

Alongside Gerrard is another player who joined the ranks of England players with 100 caps who overstayed their welcome. Gerrard, Beckham, Cole, Shilton even Bobby Moore stayed on past their 100th cap when the manager stuck with a favourite player at the expense of the team.

Add to that Frank Lampard and Roy is handing him one last cap as he’ll captain England against Costa Rica in their final game of this World Cup.

That alone should see Roy sacked the moment he hands the official team sheet.

Picking Lampard, though there is little else available, isn’t looking to the future. What is the point of picking Lampard? This is a competitive World Cup game – Costa Rica will be going for the win – not a glorified testimonial to send off another past failure as he heads off into retirement in the MLS.

Gerrard and Lampard, two players who have majorly contributed to tournament failures for a decade now, at what point is that looking to the future?

This is a team for the future the one, injuries permitting, Roy should use in the Euros qualifying…

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