Steven Gerrard, delusional ex-England captain

Steven Gerrard slip

thank god.

Some days back Steven Gerrard made Roy Hodgson a very sad man as he retired from England duty after a World Cup that summed up the player’s international career of failure.

While Roy was crying into his kippers at the news, after claiming he desperately wanted the last of the Failure Generation to carry on as his captain, the rest of us should have been rejoicing that we’ve finally rid ourselves of this delusional crybaby.

114 England caps during which even his most ardent of fanboys admitted that his best game was against the might of Andorra, a team whose highest FIFA ranking is 125, a team who in their 118 international games have won 3, drawn 11 with a goal difference of minus 294 – anything else decent came nearly a decade and a half ago.

When people pick the worst England XI it’s always a bunch of players who had one, two or just a handful of caps but shouldn’t someone who was rubbish for over 100 games be in that XI ahead of someone who was rubbish once?

Roy’s delusion that Gerrard is not only still an international player but was ever captain material is match by a recent interview showcasing Gerrard’s delusions and his self centred attitude that can’t see his faults, he wasn’t to blame, it was an accident.

Playing the ball that led to a French penalty at the Euros, missing penalties, laying on Suarez’s winner at this World Cup, after gifting Uruguay the ball for their opening goal. This self serving interview highlights that greatly with regard one of the funniest moments in football for many a year, where Stevie G wasn’t to blame for Liverpool losing the title, when his “slip” allowed Chelsea to score.

I’ve seen it a few times. I don’t have to watch something like that to go through the pain again and again and again.

When something like that happens you have to face it up and be man enough to take it on the chin. Accept it happened. You can’t change it. I haven’t lost my man at a set-piece. I haven’t missed a penalty. I haven’t made a bad pass or a mistake. That’s why it was cruel. Every single person on the planet slips at some point in their life, whether it is on a set of stairs, on the floor or whatever.Steven Gerrard

Cruel, says Stevie, cruel because he hasn’t made a mistake.

Now like Stevie I’ve watched it, a few times, and well like most people out there I saw a mistake. Yes his chums in the media have helped him out with this talk of accidental slip, while glossing over what actually happened.

It was a mistake, a mistake in not being able to control a very simple pass played to Gerrard, which led to panic which led to the so called slip.

The fact Gerrard can’t see he made a mistake, that it was his fault – because of his inabilities with regard his first touch – that is wasn’t just some random accident that could happen to anyone, pretty much sums up why this player failed for England.

Liverpool still had time to win that game, win the league, but Gerrard went into full headless chicken mode, with the glory balls, the Hollywood balls that didn’t, as so often, come off. Much the way he did when Uruguay took the lead in Brazil, which is why we should be glad to see the back of this waster of 100 plus caps.

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