Could Spurs have done anything more Spursy

this season?

In losing to an Aston Villa side “managed” by Tim Sherwood, Spurs managed to out Spurs themselves in providing the new standard for inept performances this season.

What can you say, we all knew it would happen, it’s Spurs, no other outcome this season was as inevitable than Tim Sherwood rocking up at White Hart Lane, for the first time since the despicable club dispensed of his services and 90 minutes later the gurning twat walking away with a victory.

What was also inevitable with the way Spurs have dropped off over the last couple of months and well any team led by Sherwood was that very little football would be played.

If you listened very carefully the sound you could hear was Danny Blanchflower spinning in his grave.

The team with which he reached the heights playing the team they bought him from in the top flight putting on a show that I’m sure his first English club, Barnsley, currently in the 3rd Division would be embarrassed at.

Villa were, as Spurs when Sherwood was in charge, hit and hope. Spurs, more hit and no hope.

There’s nothing really to say about the game. No match analysis, nothing worth analysing. The Villa goal again came from the ineptitude of Spurs fullbacks in defending. As Rose stood off and allowed a cross to be put in under no pressure whatsoever. I can’t remember the last time a Spurs’ fullback actually bothered to stop a cross.

Fazio jumped like a bloke who hasn’t been seen in weeks and Benteke just managed to hit the target with Vorm helpless.

As the vet came out and the screens were put around Spurs the knives were also coming out for Pochettino and he’s not making it easy to defend him.

The general cluelessness of the last few outings to go with the players that are played week in week out no matter what. Yes that latter part is aimed at the ever present Bentaleb, week in week out does nothing – no he doesn’t do the work that goes unnoticed, he does nowt. Mason is another who has dropped off, Townsend is the same every week, Chadli hasn’t looked up for it since his dad’s death, Walker before his injury was a liability.

Yet all play regularly. Dembele had one bad, very bad, half and has barely been seen since.

Things like that make it hard. But who is picking the team? Or is Poch picking these players to make a point to those with the purse strings. Give me what I need or this is what we’ll end up like.

Someone like Pochettino was required because it gave the club a chance of a manager sticking around for more than 18 months. Making a change won’t make a difference if the same set of players are handed to a new coach, and like in AVB and Pochettino’s case they give over a list of who they want but are given back the players who Levy wanted to buy.

Some might not like him, some might not rate him but dumping Pochettino isn’t the answer, even if he’s getting a number of things wrong and this is the second time in a row he’s lost to a Sherwood team, thought last time might have ended his chances of the Spurs job. Though I believe he has players at his disposal who can do a better job than those he picks – Stambouli anyone? – let’s see what that summer transfer window brings, can he get what he wants, though is what he wants what he really needs?

Though I do think Pochettino hasn’t been the same since he had to talk to the press in English… bring back the translator…

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