R.I.P. Richie Benaud


Former Australian cricket captain and superstar cricket commentator Richie Benaud has died aged 84.

There can’t be a cricket fan of a certain age who hasn’t heard the dulcet tones of Richie Benaud, in turn there can’t be a cricket fan of a certain age who hasn’t done their own impersonation of Richie Benaud.

From marvellous to morning everyone.

I was going to start that with the phrase there can’t be a cricket fan in the last 40 years instead of a certain age but thanks to the ECB taking the money from Sky and running we haven’t heard him in this country for a decade, not since. As he only did free-to-air public TV. So there are kids out there haven’t heard him.

But luckily he commentated in an ear when most of his great moments have been recorded for posterity…

Don’t bother looking for that, let alone chasing it. That’s gone straight into the confectionery stall and out again. Richie Benaud, Headingley 1981

Of course Benaud wasn’t just another talking head he was a player, who unlike so many commentators out there – Mark Nicholas anyone? – had an outstanding career. Leading Australia in 28 tests, with only four losses and one famous tie, the first, he was unbeaten in a series as captain. While also being the first player to 2000 runs and 200 wickets.

But he did become one of the voices of cricket and there isn’t many commentators out there that’ll be offered a state funeral.

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