All Andrew Strauss. had to say was

“It’s the way I play”.

This has been some top trolling by Graves, Strauss and the rest at the ECB, which all should be glad about, never mind the gnashing of the teeth of those that don’t have to put up with Kevin Pietersen.

All these old captains of other teams in the past, Lineker, Carling etc, along with the rest who are all banging on about how Pietersen should be brought back into the England set up and are saying it’s a disgrace the way he’s been treated, would they really put up with him?

It’s OK to take a good game but and say dressing rooms don’t get on but you put up with it but would they? Would they really put up with a player who texted things about them to the opposition and then as soon as he possibly could tried to settle scores in a book, trashing them?

Would they really be happy for that individual to be sat there in the dressing room and would they really trust that individual?

Would they maybe have some doubts that in a tough situation when the captain’s head is on the block and that individual needed to get the captain out of trouble with a good knock that individual wouldn’t just mince down the wicket and airy fairy a catch to mid-on, then say “It’s the way I play”.

They say Pietersen gets on with the young players but would they trust that Pietersen isn’t trying to undermine the captain while cosying up to those youngster and planting poison?

Hell can you trust anyone who would willing befriend Piers Morgan?

Yes Pietersen was given hope and he did what was asked he scored some runs against second division sides when he had a point to prove. With motivation he made runs without motivation all the opposition has to do is bring on a rubbish left-arm spinner and tempt him to get himself out.

Surrey probably thought they were onto a winner after this latest snub, with a point to prove he could help them rack up some scores but now it’s done and dusted he’s off back to the Indian Premier League – in case you hadn’t heard he turned his back on it at great expense to himself.

Anyway forget about batsmen of the past the fact that England struggled to finish off that mediocre West Indies side in the recent tour highlights what they really need, bowlers.

Pietersen’s only function now is to be used to cover up for the failing of the pacemen. I for one will be glad not to hear that awful accent again, especially saying “it’s the way I play”.

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