A battling draw away to the league


How’s that for a positive spin on another mediocre Spurs performance to start the season as they draw away to Leicester City.

It was standard Spurs fare against a team who’ve been out-possessed in their opening two games of the season, Spammer and Sunderland, while coming away with three points each time.

Because we know how Spurs struggle when they’ve got all of the ball and the opposition does a bit of flat back ten-ing.

That struggle was intensified by the lack of Eriksen and Lamela not exactly having on of his best days, which is something it looks increasingly likely fans of another club will have more chance of witnessing.

Only two surprises on the day – well three if you count the midfield hindrance Bentaleb not stating again – Vertonghen not conceding a penalty when he was fouling the home player both by pulling his shirt then going through his standing foot in the penalty area, a couple of yards in front of an onlooking referee with no reason not to give it.

Then on the 81st minute a Spurs player actually got into the box as Dele Alli bundled in Chadli’s cross at the back post.

He’s a new boy so someone obviously hasn’t told him that it’s not the done thing at Spurs. You don’t just charge into the box to get on the end of balls like that, you hang about on the edge of the area waiting for a sideways pass.

What didn’t surprise was when what seemed just seconds later, because it was, Leicester had the equaliser. Vertonghen seemingly the only person watching who didn’t know what Mahrez was going to do. Hmmm, onto his left and had a shot thought everyone bar Jan.

Another drab game, another drab result – summed up perfectly by the watching Keith Vaz, did he claim the tickets on expenses, sat next to Roy Hodgson, on a day out from the old folks home.

Well I supposed it’s better to have any excitement and hope extinguished as early in the season as possible and that’s something this Spurs lot have done better than anything else…

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