Not even a panic


Pochettino told us all, Levy included, Spurs needed to add more players, as if anyone has needed telling after the first four games of the new league season. He didn’t even get a Rasiak.

One striker, one, for the fur competitions, which no doubt will be whittled down very shortly after they start, much like the league after the weekends game against Everton saw another performance where the squad limitations were obvious to all. Especially with Eriksen again absent.

The calls were for a striker and a central, defensive minded, midfielder at the least.

Some are describing the newly arrived Son Heung-min, from Bayer Leverkusen, as a forward, which he probably is more than a midfielder that others are claiming. More a front wide guy but is he someone who can fill in when it’s time to remove Kane? The same with N’Jie.

Those that wanted a DM in there though seemed to be the ones that cheer on Bentaleb while also cheering on the sale of Stambouli. The latter of course averaging more than twice as many tackles per 90 minutes than the nothing player who barely manages one a half.

Though the last game had the advantage of opening the eyes of some out there. With Bentaleb playing in the same midfield as Mason and Dier.

Dier was outstanding in that holding role, especially the taking out Cleverly tackle which will have brought a tear to the eye of the onlooking Roy Hodgson who no doubt had his Spanish style passing pencilled in for the latest England squad. While Mason provided a lot of the go forward for Spurs.

Which left a number asking what does Bentaleb do?

And as has been pointed out on here ad nauseum the came to the conclusion that well he doesn’t provide any defensive cover and well he doesn’t do anything forward – against Everton he had two shots which were both wide and every time he tried to pass the ball forward it missed it’s target and by forward I mean a ball that goes further forward than it does sideways. So that’s all he does, pass the ball sideways, oh and back, slowing everything up and stifling Spurs.

That’s when he’s not just gifting the opposition chances. His fault for Walker’s own goal at United and Everton’s best chance at the weekend came from Bentaleb having a free header in the middle of the park with no one around him which he just headed away to a player in blue.

Defensively well Alderweireld has settled in, even with Walker beside him. Walker again at his usual doltish best, when Bentaleb isn’t gifting chances it’s good old confused Kyle.

But what doe defences matter if Spurs can’t score goals and well Harry ain’t exactly banging ’em in.

Well he didn’t start scoring until November in the league last season but the way he panicked about being one on one with Tim Howard makes it look like it would be a miracle if he score before November this.

And now he’s taking advice from Rooney, gawd ‘elp us.

At this point you almost wish for one of those last second classic Levy panic buys, a Grzegorz Rasiak or a Fraizer Campbell. Though you are hopeful that Adebayor never gets a shirt number. What a surprise this shyster has done everything to make sure he picks up all the money he thinks is due to him.

Oh, I didn’t get a message from god telling me to leave.

Well god sent in AVB, god sent in Pochettino, god sent all those people on social media who are telling you to sling your hook. God doesn’t know what more he can do.

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