Even Doctor Tottenham can’t help


Both teams in Spurs’ Premier League visit to Southampton probably looked at it being the best time to play the other, it looked like Southampton were right, until they were wrong.

Southampton had been on a bad trot of things recently with one point in their last five league games so probably saw the visit of Spurs, after their capitulation last week to Newcastle as a chance to get things back on track.

For forty minutes it looked like they were right in that assumption as Spurs carried on from that nothing display in the second half of the last game. No real coherent forward display, which saw Southampton playing like Spurs should. Up in their faces.

Looked like a long afternoon, something which Lloris obviously felt as he vented his frustration at those in front of him. Though Toby and Jan with some last minute blocks maybe shouldn’t have been the ones on the receiving end.

Lloris had made one particularly cracking save as the hosts were gifted the freedom of the Spurs’ right and side. The West is closer to peace with ISIL than Walker was to any Southampton player. This time he just watched as other did their best to get back.

Then with it mainly being one way traffic the flow changed as Lamela, Alli and then Kane ran through the brick wall of numerous challenges, the one on Alli should have been retrospectively dealt with by the ref who luckily played advantage, before Kane calmly slotted the opener.

Things turned worse for the hosts minutes later as Walker ambled forward, completely clueless at too what he should do, dithering he finally hit the ball across the area, past the offside Kane, to no one in particular, it luckily finding Alli at the back stick up just put it past the ‘keeper.

Second best but two nil up. What was that about winning while being crap?

It must have been that one lucky assist that got Walker mentioned in polls for man of the match because he was hopeless for the rest of the game. One particular highlight in the second half saw Lloris make yet another outstanding save. Walker beaten with ease on his outside made very little effort to cut out the cross which Lloris had no right to save really. If Walker hasn’t got the pace what really is the point of him. Worth noting as well that nothing stupid happened at the left-back spot, with Davies replacing Rose, which also brought a clean sheet.

Hugo was man of the match. Those saves aren’t made and it’s a draw at best. Who knows they go and ad it could have been a route if they dropped like they did against Newcastle.

Not a great performance, legs looking a little leggy, Kane going down injured after going over his knee and then coming off, might be a tough Chrimbo calendar, so good a much needed three points here. Shows also it’s better for Spurs to play first, when others fail beforehand Spurs always blow the chance to take advantage.

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