So it was two dropped points

after all.

After Spurs came from behind to get a draw at Liverpool, it was a question of points gained or points dropped, the state of Schrödinger’s League unknown until the box of Leicester’s game on Sunday opened.

Could have been a point gained, could have been no gain no pain, in the end it was two points dropped, as the league leaders lucked their way to another one nil victory.

Still it could have been worse that gap could be one point greater but for another cracker from Kane as he became the single season scoring record holder for Spurs in the Premier League era. This goal breaking his tally from last season that jointly held the record with Gareth Bale.

Also put into context…

It didn’t look like it was coming as he fluffed a few chances on the way, in a somewhat harum-scarum game.

Fast and frenetic some would say. Played at the sort of speed that has a negative impact on the precision that is required. And a little bit of precision was all that was really required, what with that Liverpool defence and ‘keeper.

Straight from the off you could tell. A gaping hole in the channel, all that was needed was a nice simple ball through it and Son was through on goal but no Walker decides to batter the ball so hard and wide of the Korean he had no chance. Of course that just Walker being Walker. But then Son may have fluffed it as he did most of the afternoon.

We know he can do it, we’ve seen him do it but Son sometimes just looks like a blur of legs with no connection to the ball.

Most were at it. Wrong weight, wrong path, wrong angle.

Hell when Dembele is being brushed off and giving up the ball easily, and Toby is panic heading the ball in the wrong direction then you know things aren’t going well.

At least there was Hugo to save the day. A number of great saves in the first half, especially from Lallana’s slow looper. When he started hobbling later on I have to say a little panic started to emerge, when that poltroon Rose decided to pass back to Lloris during this hobbling that turned to anger. He had no chance with the opener as the defence opened up for Coutinho to send Sky into orgasm. Eric went for a little wander.

The equaliser didn’t take long. Nice of Eriksen to chase down Toby’s chip, even nice of Clyne to duck under the ball as Eriksen clipped it back from going out of play. The fullback couldn’t have timed his head movement better. The Dane then played it to Kane who trapped, turned, fired and equalised.

While Sturridge was meandering about doing very little, Kane was chasing everything and scoring thus showing why he is England’s number one striker.

I Tweeted that Eriksen would win it with a late free-kick, with the proviso that Jon Moss could take time from rearranging his girdle to actually give a foul. Yes he got the booking for Coutinho’s dive correct, which of course they didn’t seem to show on Match Of The Day, everywhere is he hadn’t a clue.

The Dane did have a chance but it went just wide and Pochettino thumped the pitch at the final whistle signalled that he initially thought it was a chance missed to put pressure on Leicester, two points dropped.

Which as I said earlier it may not have been at the time but eventually was as Leicester survived a couple of penalty shouts in the, yet another, one nil victory over Southampton.

Usual circumstances a point at Anfield wouldn’t be a disaster and in all honesty not gaining three points here isn’t really why the gap is what it is now. No, losing at home to Newcastle and Leicester, especially when they everything but beat Ranieri’s lot in that game and were ahead in the former game. That’s the real difference, those six points while the now leaders three points worse off.

Still as they were losing to Newcastle they were dropping to seven points off the lead the same number as now. And it’s funny that Real Madrid moved to seven points of Barcelona and are now “back in the title race”…

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