How much is the BBC spending on the Olympics

in Brazil.

And yet you still suspect they couldn’t organise a piss up anywhere near a brewery.

I wanted to watch the men’s cycling road race, didn’t know if I could get to see it live, so set the PVR to record it.

Luckily I didn’t have to rely on that recording.

First up a search on the PVR’s EPG a few days before found which one of the new channels they’ve added it was on. Ah right, 607, half past one. Recording set.

It was also on BBC1 at that time but as per usual with such things they don’t stick with it on one channel, oh no that would be far too easy. So it’s shunted around, dropped for a while and filled up with Clare Balding be disingenuously sycophantic.

Day of the race, a quick check. Oh, channel 607 is now showing boxing and the cycling is on 608. Recordings timer switched.

But as said luckily I got to watch it. Because a quick check of the recording after the finish showed I wouldn’t have seen the finish if I hadn’t watched it live. The recording started just before the race astarted and finished after six hours and four minutes. The race was won in six hours and ten minutes.

Six minutes plus lost, not so much you’d think in a race of over six hours but tell that to Rafal Majka, those six minutes turned from nailed on gold to bronze for him. If it had been the women’s race it turned from nailed on gold to nowt for Mara Abbott in that time.

Speaking of the women, that Annemiek Van Vleuten crash, my god that was unbelievable, though probably even more so is the fact that she’s alive and somewhat unscathed after it, small fractures in her back. We always seem to be coming around the corner with the TV cameras when a rider is lying on the floor, never actually see the incident. That could have been one that you’d rather have missed.

Lizzie was never going to win that, head was all wrong after the build up. And you know the ones in the media that were after her will shortly be fawning over Mo Farah, you know Mo, missed a couple of drug tests and has a dodgy coach. Yeah that one. I mean the BBC are doing his PR for him again, trying to virtue signal him to SPotY.

The same type that watch one race every four years and claim Chris Froome was a flop because he didn’t win gold. Was he rally there for that, his main goal is the TT, was he a decoy here. Get everyone watching him while others go off and try and win it? When he swung off that time and they all followed him as he told them to get off his tail, was telling.

Well Froome has no previous in one day races and well he came ahead of those that were meant to be favourites for this, Nibali and Valverde.

Just a shame G went down at, was it, the same spot as Van Vleuten. Seeing him sat in that huge gutter never expected him to come in 11th.

It was a hell of a course, real tourist board job with cracking scenery and a couple of hellish climbs and that hellish descent, that got Chris Baordman all riled up.

Good to have Chris Boardman back in the commentary booth for this, he was missed for London Rides. That dullard Jock they got in as a replacement pretty much null and voids watching as does the Aussie woman with her annoying rising inflection whine. Someone just has to tell Simon Brotherton to shut up and stop interrupting. David Millar is a miss.

Now just have to see how the BBC can bugger up the Time Trial and then the track stuff, at the cost of millions…

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