Transfer deluded


So yet another mega spending transfer deadline day has passed, did Santa bring your club what you wanted?

Supporters always seem unhappy when the summer transfer window closes and their club hasn’t splashed out on a marquee signing at the very last second, why?

Surely it’s better to have done all your deals as early as possible, then the player can have a pre-season and be actually ready in your team when the season starts not coming into a new situation three weeks into the new term.

What’s even worse is when your team is fighting over someone who has been worse than useless all season then shines a little at this summers major tournament… oh hello Moussa Sissoko.

Can’t say I got the transfer targets that Spurs were rumoured to be after, we were told they were Pochettino’s preferred targets but they didn’t just seem to fit the profile.


First up Zaha, moaned his way out of Old Trafford and was now moaning his way out of Palace, hasn’t put the effort in to match his abilities since he burst on the scene. Sissoko, worse than useless last term for Newcastle unless he was trying to get them relegated. Was his only decent game the final one, against Spurs. Man of the match performance, well big game, shop window and what with him being a bit of an ARSEnal fan.

Then came the Euros a bigger shop window.

But after that it ends up a bun fight between Spurs and Everton for his signature. Nobody else seemed to be willing to take him of Mike Ashley’s hands for thirty million quid.

Toonites happy to see the back of him, probably can’t believe they got that amount of money but then there’s rumours of Levy doing one of his specials on Newcastle, so who knows.

Poch apparently wanted him. Well someone with pace was required and someone in the middle a necessity, with the other Mousa still out and no real alternative in there. But as the manager has shown with the likes of Townsend and Bentaleb if you don’t do it his way you’re on the highway, thumb in the air.

Then if you’re not ousted for being trouble you have to match up to expectations. Double trouble for Bentaleb, who thankfully it looks like we’ve seen the last of, now if Levy can get knocking on £18m for that bum. Others who haven’t made the Poch grade and have gone this summer meant that someone had to come in.

Mason, N’jie and Chadli all gone. The former two, well Clinton barely featured, so we’ll never really know. Mason chipped in here and there, while never looking the classiest of players he at least kept Bentaleb off the pitch on a number of occasions. While Chadli, one of the last of the Bale money seven – there’s only Eriksen and Lamela left – did more than chip in. Of the 25 goals he scored for the club 12 of them were Spurs first goal in the game. He was scoring important goals, openers and equalisers.

Yeah he mooched around and did little on a number of appearances but he was handy to bring off the bench. He could be a loss, depending on how the incomers do. While I don’t understand why a player like him would want to move to West Brom.

Why would an attacking midfielder want to get a crick in his neck permanently looking up at long balls being humped down the park by the big lumpers in defence to the big lumper up front?

Will Georges-Kevin Nkoudou be an upgrade on the Belgian?

Still, for Spurs, it could be worse, it could be raining… raining Rasiak, Booth, Saha, Nelsen, but the wasn’t the last midfielder to come from Newcastle to Spurs… Jenas…

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