Still unbeaten but it feels like


The reaction to the latest NFL game played in London, where the Redskins tied/drew with the Bengals was “it’s like kissing your sister”, feels like Spurs have been snogging a sibling all season.

Another dominating performance, another goal shy performance, another infuriating performance. Another draw, another two dropped points.

It’s still unbeaten in the league but that really just feels like a big lump of wallpaper covering the cracks. The thing is you look at the table just a year ago after 10 games and well, Spurs are one place higher, three points better off, one goal better off in the difference.

While it feels like they haven’t scored this season they’ve only score two goals fewer while letting in three less. While by now Harry Kane hadn’t even opened his league account, last year.

It just doesn’t fell like they’re better off, treading water yes, but better, no.

The reigning champions came to the Lane and should have left on the right end of a thumping. But for a lack of a killer touch and another gaff to concede, they would have. But then near the end they could have won it.

Such is the problem when you don’t put away your chances.

It started early with a Dele Alli shot that Schmeichel saved, it looked like he was going to have one of those games, much like Ben Foster did a couple of league games back.

But then he didn’t have that many saves to make later on. It was the old hit woodwork and near misses.

Janssen had the two best near misses. A free kick just skimmed the top of the goal and a good attempt after some nice hold up play by the Dutchman just went past the right upright.

As before, how many times have I said it now, he’s doing everything, except that one thing… well in open play. He did finally open his account in the league but like his two other goals it came from the spot. One by himself after Huth dragged him down in the box.

Typical cries of it being soft but as per usual, well as per his whole entire career, Huth was manhandling players in a way that isn’t allowed in the game and for all those moaners going on about it being a “contact sport” has actually never been allowed.

Yes Nat Lofthouse style shoulder charges were allowed but grabbing a player and dragging him down never has. Huth and that other lumper next to him Morgan should be done most games, numerous times.

Anyway, back to Janseen, it was interesting the stats that came out after the game that he didn’t receive a pass from either Son or Alli during the game, while Eriksen only managed three passes.

He’s the ideal player for a one-two, for triangles, but they just don’t play them. Also ideal for decent crosses but everyone wide just comes inside and while oppositions know this is going to happen they can crowd out the player on the ball.

Plan B, is to do Plan A but just more frantically.

Plan C is to make a change. Well, only after 60 minutes is up. But as the hour rolled by no change came. Looking at the bench it was plain to see why. There was nothing there that in reality would make any difference. Those there would just play like those on the pitch.

N’koudou and then Winks id eventually make it on. The former, again bizarrely, for Alli the latter for Wanyama. The latter there played Leicester in for their equaliser, Musa bundling in the ball after being left by Walker, who with Musa one side and Okazaki the other was in two minds and hell he barely has one to begin with.

N’koudou got to the byline once, seem to recall, but only once. It’s his game, wing play, has he been trained out of doing it?

While Pochettino’s substitutions did nowt, Ranieri’s changes changed them for the better and they came into it more then. It enlivened them a bit more.

It’s yet another pair of dropped points in a game they should have won, based on the amount of ball and attempts, to go with those dropped over the last few weeks, they might be better off than this time last season but another six points, well that’s a lot better off…

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