Spurs left the old dear whinging


Spurs must have done something right in the North London Derby as Wenger was whinging and we know he does that to detract from his team’s performance.

Or maybe to distract from his own shortcomings. I mean there’d been rumours about Spurs going to a back three and well even when they set up with a nominal back four the fullbacks are wingbacks and the sitting midfielder drops back alongside the centre-backs in a three.

And yet the host seemed confused by this for the opening half of the opening half.

Of course while having all the ball Spurs did nowt with it. Even having Kane back wasn’t helping that much. There’s a disconnect between the creative forward players and the strikers and there’s a general lack in finishing accuracy.

The last few games the most chances, or passes to the striker in an attacking position have come from the leftback.

The midfielders need to step up more. Son had his defender on toast but couldn’t find a final ball, Eriksen found Kane early on with a brilliant ball that the striker should have done better with – excuse time, maybe he does if it wasn’t his first game back after a few weeks off.

Now the Dane showed more in this game than he has of late, well the first game after signing his new contract, but it still wasn’t enough. He disappears far too easily and frequently. He hardly ever runs games, a player of his talent should. The way Silva did at Citeh, De Bruyne does now, Hazard at Chelsea etc.

He had more freedom here, maybe more space to work in without the injured Alli. But that ball and a later free-kick, there should have been more, a lot more.

They came into it after Spurs decent start, mainly exploiting the space behind Walker. Walnutt hitting the post, pretty much the only time he was spotted bar a pathetic bit of flouncing, claiming as Whinging Wenger did that he was on the end of Wanyama’s elbow, which was plainly ridiculous. But the opening goal came from a piss weak attempt at a tackle by Rose, followed back some some of the most lacklustre lollygaging. Dembele finally stopped ’em.

From the free-kick, Wimmer expertly put the ball into the back of his own net, doubt he would have done a better job at the other end. He’s not had the best of returns to the first team, well to be fair he didn’t do much wrong after this and he had to make the header.

Offside, not offside. The laws – laws, dear boy, not rules – make it impossible for players in Wimmer’s position. He can’t just let it go, where if the officials if they weren’t inept would have flagged, no he has to go for it with three of them lining up, two offside, to finish it off. If that’s not interfering with play.

The equaliser came shortly after the break. Man of the match Dembele, thank god he was fit for this one after going off midweek, charged forward, the beast in full glide mode, past one, past two, past three, number four takes him down.

Of course the old dear Whinger Wenger has a whinge. Apparently he saw this one, I’m shocked, and yet didn’t see Koscielny take Dembele’s foot. Shocked, I tell you.

Kane put away the penalty.

Yet another penalty, I remember when Spurs scored from open play and missed penalties.

Anyway, Dembele, he should do more of that. Do prefer him a bit further forward rather than as a purely defensive midfielder, that’s Wanyama or Dier’s job. Dembele has to contribute more of this to the team.

he dominated the middle of the park in that languid style of his, now if Eriksen could add that level to his game.

There was more chances, that just never fell right. Kane lasted just over 70 minutes, replaced by Janssen. The Dutchman had one swinger, he should have done a lot better with and then it just wouldn’t fall for him when Eriksen’s free-kick hit the woodwork.

Son bottles a chance late on, free in a what could have been a 50/50 with Cech after the latter’s slip, the Korean pulled out.

Could have won it, could have, undeservedly, lost it, still unbeaten in the league, still bizarrely only 5 points off the top of the league, pretty much exactly where they were after 11 games last season.

And still not played that well… but it’s another draw, Spurs reminding me of Billy Connolly thinking his team were called “Partick Thistle nil…”

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