What epitomises the magic of the cup

Tottenham Hotspur 4 - 3 Wycombe Wanderers - F.A. Cup fourth round - January 28th, 2017

Spurs victory.

Tottenham nicking it in the last seconds, from a fourth division side, after being pretty useless for the rest of the game, it’s what the cup is all about.

Pochettino again chucked the understudies into a cup game, making you wonder if he wanted to progress or would be happy that the last F.A. Cup game at White Hart Lane would be a defeat to a fourth division team.

Yes there was a number of injuries, so a few would have had to start no matter what, but it hasn’t looked like Pochettino has learned anything from previous cup defeats. That the kids are alright when sprinkled into the first team but when they make up the majority of the first XI it doesn’t work.

Harry Winks is OK as the small fish in the big pond but when he’s charged with running the game, well he’s found a bit wanting. Sideways passing will only get him so far, if he carries on like this you feel he’ll end up another Tom Carroll.

That’s not to say it was just the kids to blame, step forward Jermaine Jenas… er Moussa Sissoko. Though saying that Sissoko’s performance reminded me of a quote about one of the late Graham Taylor’s favourite players… Carlton Palmer… He covers every blade of grass out there, but that’s only because his first touch is so crap.

It really was a case of Sissoko’s second touch being a tackle. He was beyond awful. Someone asked if he had found a white shirt with a pass, if so it could only have been a replica shirt in the crowd.

The rest of the starting XI weren’t up to it either, which was evident from the off. Wycombe could have scored inside the first minute, actually they should have scored, harder to miss the chance.

When their opener came the only shock was that it took so long, 23 minutes. A decent effort from the lump Hayes. Couldn’t Wycombe get shirts to fit? Would it wake Spurs from their torpor? Nope. Yes, they had chances but it was woeful stuff.

For all the opportunities you felt Wycombe were the more likely and they were. A defensive omnishambles followed by Hayes hitting the floor to win a penalty.

Two down at the break, should have been three.

My god it stirred Poch into action. For the second game running he actually made a change at half-time. Janssen coming on for Nkoudou. Don’t know what it says about the strikers prospects at the club that he didn’t start. Though does it help Janssen that the one forward that could provide a cross for him is taken off for him?

In reality Pochettino needed to be really bold, all three subs but no, he of course waited that extra 15 minutes before bringing on Dembele and Dele. By then Son had got one back, from an improbable angle.

The visitors were tiring, there was even more holding, shirt pulling and pushing. All of which they seemed to think was allowed. Minutes later they didn’t get away with it again as Janssen was baulked in the area. Well one thing we know about Vinnie is he can take a penalty, it was nearly saved but he scored yet another one. He didn’t look close to getting a goal from open play mind.

From here, with their heads down after losing the two goal lead, you’d think Spurs would go on and finish it off. But this is Spurs we’re talking about, so down goes Trippier, with what I thought looked like a knee to the kidney but is claimed to be a knock to the hip. He tries to carry on but exits shortly after. And duly down his side come Wycombe with a cross that’s put away to regain the lead.

Well they thought they’d won it now. Hell didn’t we all, was Poch hoping?

Wonder how much he was hoping for that equaliser that came from Dele just before the 90 minutes was up. A replay, that’s just what he would have wanted. Hell, if he fields this team for the home game what would he put out for an away replay? Bring your boots, you might be playing.

Thankfully he didn’t waste the added time celebrating like say a certain Goon berk. There was plenty of it with Trippier’s injury. Enough for Son to play a one-two with Janssen and then break Wycombe’s hearts and fill Pochettino with conflicted thoughts. No replay but another round…

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