Spurs, all fur coat and no


Spurs yet again failed to capitalise on points dropped by their closest rivals for the title, with a dull performance in a draw against a dull Sunderland.

Some people are happy, happy with an away point and a clean sheet.

Clap happy, with an away point against a team that’s picked up a total of 15 point before this game, with this being just their fourth draw. It’s Sunderland, it’s Sunderland led by David Moyes, yes the dull leading the dull.

So dullard Dave set out his flat back eight formation and dullard Spurs played the ball sideways. Death by a thousand sideways passes.

What is the point of having all the ball when you do sod all with it. When you go off at half time with something like two thirds of possession, yet they’ve had twice as many shots and you’ve each had a whole one on target.

Defoe was marshalled wide by Toby when he had a chance and Borini fluffed his lines when gifted his chance. Other than that the only thing that happened in the first half was Dembele being scythed down by Rodwell. It was a red card piece of thuggery but the clueless Bobby Hill impersonator Lee Mason was so quick to get his yellow card out.

I suppose we should be grateful for small mercies, a true Spursy performance – with the goon mob losing to Watford and Chelsea and Liverpool drawing – would have been for Rodwell to score and be in a winning side for the first time in living memory.

Remember when that great footballing brain Henry Winter was telling us every week that Rodwell was the future of English football.

Then there was Danny Rose going off and he didn’t look too happy when he did, somewhat upset.

So Wanyama missed a real good chance and someone broke a seat with a Bobby Zamora attempt, was it Wanyama again I dunno my interest was fading.

Janssen came on to be the hero and saw about as much of the ball as Kane did, somewhere between bugger and sod all.

Looking at the bench, well there was Sissoko and he came on to run around a bit. Finally someone got to the byline and chances were created but people forgot that could happen so there was nobody there.

Other than that the bench was bare. Thankfully a bunch of new options were purchased in the transfer window, which closed later last night. I jest of course. Would you have taken Jay Rodriguez? Well a punt yes, a gamble yes, but he has scored this season and from open play.

But people were happy, I mean what other club wouldn’t be happy getting a point at Sunderland, I imagine Leicester would be doing cartwheels. It’s result like this that’ll hand someone else the title come the end of the season.

Ditch water would sue if I compared it to this game and unlike Spurs it would win.

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