Spurs, hanging on in quiet desperation

against Boro.

Spurs did their utmost to make Middlesbrough look like Sunderland in almost snatching a draw from the jaws of victory.

It’s a good job the visitors are really rubbish in front of goal, that last minute chance, which was a pretty damn clear cut chance, would have meekly handed the title to Chelsea.

Dropping more points, after the midweek draw, while Chelsea picked up three at the weekend would have made the gap 11 and frankly you couldn’t see them shipping that amount over the last 14 games.

It would also let those below Spurs off the hook for their failings over the last week, both having lost at the weekend, Liverpool the only one to gain a point during the week. And it could have happened with that last kick of Boro.

Spurs an the art of not shooting.

Yes Boro defended well but Spurs helped them by yet again concentrating everything in the middle of the park. It’s not like Spurs don’t have the ability to get wide, get around them and behind them. The space was there, they just never used it.

Ben Davies is reluctant to get forward and stay wide. Why, it’s not like he was having to be that mindful of his defensive duties. On the other side Walker just dithers, then cuts inside. And it all gets compressed into the area that Boro’s defenders are comfortable.

They got through a few times, Son dithered, Dele missed the target again. The one bit of width saw Son’s perfect cross headed over by Kane, when he should have done better. Another cross from inside the box from Son, Harry was offside when he didn’t need to be.

When Spurs were missing the good chances, Boro were blocking the attacks or their ‘keeper was making decent saves.

Son was causing much consternation, some saying he was hindering play, while others claiming he was the only one doing anything. His cutting back in the box did something, it drew the foul for the penalty, which Kane dispatched, which won the game.

It had taken nearly an hour to get on the score-sheet and you’d think now Boro would ave to come out and play there would be greater opportunities to put the game beyond them. But not Spurs, Spurs end the game hanging on and being grateful for the uselessness of Boro players in front of goal.

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