Life without Harry is pretty much the


Spurs first league game without Harry Kane ended in the defeat of Southampton to keep up the unbeaten home run this season.

Felt this game against Southampton was very similar to the recent one against Everton. Both teams are somewhat similar, Southampton just a bit more inconsistent, should be around Everton in the table not so far behind, both able to beat anyone on their day.

Both games were early Sunday kick-offs and both had a subdued atmosphere, possible in expectation of a tough game. Yet both started with Spurs comfortably being on top. A comfortable first half where the lauded Everton striker was anonymous and a comfortable first half where the lauded Southampton striker was anonymous after one shot due to injury.

Both games ahead at the break, here against the south coast lot, it was two up, could, should have been more.

Eriksen started the scoring with another from outside the box, his speciality except when taking free-kicks, after some nice play by Mr Electra Glide, Dembele, turn, get some room play in Eriksen and he finishes it off.

The Dane could have got things started earlier with a glorious ball to Son but the Korean’s attempt was saved. It was a flatter version of the goal Son scored from Trippier’s ball in the cup.

Spurs were saved by a rogue linesman’s flag, incorrectly indicating the ball had gone out of play before Tadic’s attempt. Well, saved if Tadic’s shot hadn’t been a wild miss.

Robbie Earle that well know seller of tickets along with the pair of clowns in the MotD studio didn’t think the foul on Dele was a foul and so it wasn’t a penalty. It was and thankfully the ref thought so. Dele didn’t hang about in claiming the ball for the spot kick and didn’t let the shenanigans of the ‘keeper put him off from scoring his first penalty.

Those two clowns didn’t think it was a penalty when Davies kicked Tadic in the box. It was, you’re not allowed to just wildly kick an opposing player and make no contact with the ball. Thankfully the ref didn’t give it this time. But again it shows that ex-players have as much an idea about the laws of the game after they’ve stopped playing as they did when they played. And that’s why you get a lot of the on field arguments. They’re clueless.

The second half was also similar in that the opposition came back in it while Spurs stopped doing what they were doing so well.

Their goal came from one player not doing what he usually does and one player doing exactly what he usually does. The latter first. While Toby was getting the blame it should have been laid at Walker.

Walker has never been that good in observing his defensive duties, with the back three system he really doesn’t bother any more that much. Of course he was lollygagging after helping lose possession. Certainly didn’t bust a gut to prevent a cross, no was mincing into an area where he was marking no one and doing nothing.

Toby made a mistake, it was his first that has led to a goal since landed in the league. It was always going to come, it cost Spurs a goal and nothing else. We can go back to usual now.

There were chances to finish it. Dele was narky with Janssen, who finally got on, when the Dutchman had a shot at goal. He’s a striker, a striker looking for his first league goal from open play, he’s gonna have a shot and at least it was on target, not ballooned over the bar.

The second half really dragged though. It felt like the fourth official should be coming out with the added time board but there was still 20 minutes to go. It dragged on longer than a France versus Wales rugby match. When he did appear the board said five minutes, where he got that from I don’t know.

Thankfully, like the Everton game, Spurs saw it out though with not the fright of that one. A tricky opponent, another win, another 3 points, unfortunately Mark Hughes muppets couldn’t hold out to deny Chelsea the win so that gap is still there. Though it’s widened to those behind.

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