If Spurs win at Wembley and nobody sees it

HIGHLIGHTS | Spurs 1-0 Barnsley (Carabao Cup third round)

did it really happen?

Like so many others I didn’t see Spurs overcome Barnsley in the league cup.

Red seats, thousands of ’em.

Wembley was far from full last night for Spurs Carabao Cup game against second division Barnsley, not a surprise really, even with cheap tickets.

I don’t know if it was even broadcast anywhere in the world.

It doesn’t look like we missed much. Another struggle against a flat back ten.

Heard Walker-Peters did OK on the left and Hoyth had a decent debut in the back four, though don’t know if he was tested.

Dele took the goal well, showed he wanted it.

And that’s about it, well it’s the first domestic win at Wembley…

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