Ain’t that a shame

Fats Domino - Ain’t That A Shame - from the 1956 film Shake Rattle and Rock! - The Fat Man - Blueberry Hill, Ed Sullivan Show, 1956 - Blue Monday (Live From Austin TX) - “Valley of Tears”, “It’s You I Love” and “I’m Walkin’” - Lady Madonna (1968)

R.I.P Fats Domino.

Sad news that another of the few remaining pioneers of rock and or roll Fats Domino has died aged 89.

There’s not many of the originals left, what The Killer Jerry Lee Lewis and Little Richard, it’s the piano players that have survived.

Fats really was one of the first, with his 1949 recording “The Fat Man” being regarded as one of the very first rock and or roll records.

They call, they call me the fat man
´Cause I weigh 200 pounds:
All the girls they love me
´Cause I know my way around… Fats Domino – The Fat Man

Well Fats was fat, short and fat, with a flat top and a smile and a sound that broke through the race divide. Especially after his original recording of “Ain’t That a Shame” became more popular than the cover by the white Pat Boone.

Fats had numerous hits before like so many he was passed over for the new sound, though that came from the British Invasion who would show their recognition for the pioneers that inspired them.

He wasn’t helped when others tried to change his sound from simple rock and or roll to something just a bit too grandiose.

At least we still have all the classics he left behind.

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