R.I.P. Malcolm Young

Bon Scott

the ultimate rhythm man.

Sad news that co-founder and rhythm guitarist of AC/DC, Malcolm Young died at the weekend, aged 64, just three years after it was announced he was suffering from dementia.

Some bands are all licks and leads, AC/DC are all riffs and rhythm.

Malcolm Young was the ultimate rhythm man, he stood at the back in the shadow of his Marshall stack, belting out riff after riff – normally in first position, open string, chords – on his beaten up, sweat soaked Gretsch Jet Firebird – that started red, ended up natural wood, with holes where pickups used to be and studs where switches used to be – stepping forward into the spotlight for a chorus, then stepping back.

For an integral part of the band, writer of many of the classic riffs, Malcolm Young left the limelight to his brother Angus along with Bon Scott and Brian Johnson.

So many great tracks from so many classic albums. From one of my favourites – because it was the first I bought – “High Voltage” to the ones even non ‘DC fans have heard of “Highway To Hell” and “Back In Black”. Malcolm Young was front and centre on all of ’em, while actually being at the back and to the left – as you look on stage.

Just great rock and or roll, songs about rock and or roll, cheap booze and cheap women, fuelled by great riffs and great rhythm.

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