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Arsenal 2-0 Tottenham Goals & Highlights 18.11.2017.

on about.

Apparently the power shift has shifted after Spurs blew the North London derby with an awful display.

Spurs were truly awful, it was by far their worst display this season and there’s been a couple of shockers previously, while the other lot probably put in their best display of the season and they still needed Mike Dean to be Mike Dean to win.

From the looks of things the way the hosts celebrated this victory it must have come with a trophy, while there’s an open bus parade being organised for Ozil turning up for a change. Have a word with yourselves, we had Sissoko playing for christ sake. But Spurs do have this chameleon ability to play down to the opposition.

While in the Spurs corner the end of season party is being organised.

I mean it’s all over ain’t it, a point and two places ahead of the winners of this game, three points off second, might as well give up now. Pochettino can’t win an away game unlike… well… as Yiddenagenda put it…

…every other manager in the top six.

Spurs just never turned up, looking both under and over cooked. Dele and Harry didn’t look fit and when Kane went down late on and his shorts went up his leg you could see exactly why we’d witnessed probably his most anonymous London derby performance with the strapping up his thigh.

Eriksen was never going to match his midweek performance for Denmark and looked like those games took it out of him. Toby was of course missing completely which led to Dier going back into the back three and no holding player in the midfield. Wanyama really is a big loss at this time. Dembele just isn’t the right fit for that role. Yes, he can beast players, he can win the ball and keep the ball but a bit more pace and power is required in there.

Dier played centrally in the three so Sanchez was on the right of them and he was one of the few that could hold his head up high after the game. Odd blip yes but overall he looks like he’s a seasoned pro in the Prem. Not a kid in his first season. Thankfully for Davinson he won’t have Mike Dean making a tit of himself every week.

Week in week out players holding onto other players don’t get penalised when they should, so Mike Dean decides to give a foul when a player doesn’t grab another’s shirt, really underlying his stupidity by making a pulling the shirt motion. This one hand movement really should see dean struck off the ref list. He’s telling the world he saw something that the rest of the world has seen didn’t happen.

From there the lino compounded Dean’s fuck up with allowing the goal from a player that was offside.

It’s funny that a certain manager didn’t come out after and lambast the officials for getting such decisions wrong. What a surprise that Wenger either didn’t see these incidents when so many are spotted by his eagle eye.

The second goal might have been offside as well, part of his head and his shoulder and well we’ve seen plenty of goals going in off shoulders to count. Spurs defending in the build up was woeful.

Bitter? Me? Nah. As said Spurs were awful and didn’t deserve anything out of the game but then does the opposition if they can’t score without the help of the ref.

You know what, Danny Rose sitting on the bench wouldn’t have made much difference, what chance he would have come on? Son and Llorente did for Dele and Harry. Son had a chance but as per it was too easy a chance and so he fluffed it. Someone asked what the point of Llorente was, well if you don’t play to him then there is no point. But put it on his head and he can play others in as he did for Son’s chance. It’s just when he comes on the ball never seems to be played anywhere near him.

Dembele was the other to come off, you wonder if those three plus Eriksen might be missing for the Champions League trip to Germany. Qualification is assured the bunch look like they desperately need a rest – you wonder if Poch had them in early for extra training after that showing.

Next up in the league is West Brom, would have been the perfect time to face them if Pulis hadn’t just been given the sack…

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