Spurs almost the plonkers of

Newport 1-1 Tottenham | Kane Rescues Spurs! | Emirates FA Cup 2017/18

Rodney Street.

Spurs were eight minutes away from on the most embarrassing results… well since the stuffing by Newcastle that time.

Is it worse to be stuffed by a Premier League that that’s been relegated, which Sissoko is playing for, or to nearly lose to a fourth division side when Sissoko is in your team?

A shocking show, for which Pochettino flagged up before the game there was no excuses. The crappy pitch, the small stadium the facilities, no excuses. Poch’s team didn’t exactly help though. Three centre-backs, two wing-backs, a holding midfielder, alongside two that are classed as maybe more attacking when neither actually score or assist that much.

Against the team currently ninth in the old fourth division, do you need that much defence?

Well, on the basis that the home side created the chances, especially in the first half, maybe Spurs needed more, I mean they should have been ahead before they went ahead. But it was a team selection that just wasn’t right. Not helped by the players meandering through the game. Poch obviously was figuring on the wing-backs providing some width but the pair of them were terribly isolated and not helped by anyone in white the whole first half.

Walker-Peters struggled on the left because he’s right footed and the Newport players knew exactly what he was going to do every time he got the ball and when he did get the ball he had at least two if not three players on him. And no white shirt to be seen. Left on his lonesome he coughed up the ball. There was nothing else he could do. Those that should have given hm an out disappeared on him. Shoddy.

In the middle the pitch wasn’t really made for Dembele’s dribbling, while Sissoko has absolutely no ball control on the snooker tables that are Premier League pitches, while Waynama couldn’t defend anything as Newport were playing high balls over him into the wind and causing havoc in the back three.

Foyth had a dodgy first half at times but those criticising need pointed to the fact that this was just his 13th senior game… ever.

Amazingly Poch changed it at half-time, bringing of Walker-Peters for Son, going to a back four and that brought a bit of life to proceedings. As did Dele’s introduction for Llorente. The Spaniard exiting with not much adulation but while asking what he does ask what service did he get. Play the ball to him and you’ll see him, don’t and you won’t.

Son played his part in the equaliser, lovely back heel clip from the corner and Kane knew exactly where to be, while for once not being surrounded by Newport players.

Eight minutes from ridicule. An attitude change and with a decent pitch at Wembley and the replay shouldn’t be that much hassle but nobody wanted an extra game.

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