Lads, it’s Tottenham

Tottenham vs Manchester United 2-0 All Goals & Highlights EPL

where’s the bus?

With his side two down against Spurs, Jose Mourinho departed early in the first half, no doubt desperately searching for the bus he’d ordered that hadn’t turned up.

Either that or Jose really thought his side could go toe to toe with Pochettino’s. The Man U manager obviously forgetting that it’s not just Tottenham it’s the chameleon Tottenham. They weren’t facing a fourth division team so would play like a fourth division team.

Against a side seen as a top team Spurs actually bother, see Madrid, Dortmund etc. And when a side leaves the door as wide open as Man U did at Wembley, Spurs can play a bit.

I thought the signing of Sanchez would disrupt the United squad, they seem the type to put on a moody over wage jealousy, but it’s also disruptive on the park. With Sanchez now in Pogba is being asked to do more defensive work and well he just doesn’t want to do it so he flounced off on his own while Matic was left to deal with Dembele and Dier. THe only time you saw the record signing was when he exited just after the hour mark or when he was being a tart rolling around on the floor.

The only time you saw their new signing, Sanchez, was when he was kicked by Dele and when he was putting on that face that ARSEnal fans know so well. That “what am I doing here” face.

Man U had there moments, had a couple of chances, shortly after Spurs scored, from about 12 seconds into the game, for a few minutes. But after that they just had rings run round them. Eriksen being the main tormentor.

It was the Dane that scored that opening goal in a handful of seconds, straight from teh kick-off. Back to Vertonghen, long ball to Harry, down to Dele, back-heel to Eriksen and one nil. The third fastest goal in Premier League history.

Oh and to make it even more joyful, Harry was over the line and in the other half before the kick-off. Well, aren’t we sorry for poor old Man Utd, on the end of a rough decision and my didn’t they cry about it. Maybe they should go back to spending big money on the officials.

Though Mariner was doing his best for them. They weren’t crying about the penalty that wasn’t given when Dele was taken down by Valencia in the box. Something has to be done about the officials and their bias against awarding Dele anything in the box. Yes, he’s had a dive or two but to wave away everything is ridiculous. Added to that there was Ashley Young kicking anything that moved, when he finally got a yellow card it should have been at least his third.

But this wasn’t about them, it was about Spurs… well it was about them scoring the second. Phil Jones couldn’t have placed Trippier’s cross any better to beat de Gea.

Spurs had the best defence last season, went out and bought two more defenders. Man Utd have Smalling, Jones, Young and Valenicia and decide to spent about £180m on another attacker. Though we should be happy, at least it kept Rashford on the bench. He stayed there thanks to Fellaini’s seven minute cameo. Imagine spending all that money and you’re left bringing the human bogbrush elbow on.

No, no, no, back to Spurs. Eriksen was running the show, Dele was back to his usual second half of the season self. Dembele was making people eat his words – well, he always looks better next to someone like Dier – Vertonghen was imperious in defence, coming off the pitch with a big overpriced lumper in his pocket, Sanchez likewise… our Sanchez, the good Sanchez to bargain Sanchez, not the waste of money one.

Hugo had a couple of things to do, which he did with his usual aplomb. The fullbacks had space and time. When the team played the one touch stuff it was sublime. You certainly don’t miss the dithering when they go about their business like this. You also don’t miss Sissoko when he doesn’t start.

Harry harried. He was all over Jones and Smalling they didn’t have a moments rest the only problem was he didn’t seem to be able to shoot in the manner with which be have become accustomed to. While the rest of his game was excellent, holding up, laying off, passes, movement, making space, his shooting was down right awful when you know how good he is. Son could have played him in for a tap-in, which he would have finished for his 100th Premier League goal, maybe that was it, trying too hard to get the ton up against United.

Which makes it even better, “The Harry Kane team” beating a top four side without Harry being at his best. The scoreline flattered the visitors – no matter what Match of the Day would have you believe with their editing – Just a shame they didn’t score while Jose was having his hissy fit down the tunnel before the ref blew for half-time. If they play like that against Newport it should be a cricket score – don’t know if they’ll get nearly 82,000 watching at Wembley – they need to play like that in the next two league games. New signing Lucas Moura should help, a bit more pace to add.

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