Is Klopp the clown still

Liverpool 2-2 Tottenham Hotspur - Premier League - February 4th, 2018


Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp got to put on his show as he danced, he laughed, he cried after Spurs came back twice to get a draw at Anfield.

I’m not saying Klopp is predictable but everyone knew what was coming after the match, hell the defensive meltdown of his team is less predictable, and everyone say that coming.

Yet again Liverpool have had their pants taken down by Southampton. How the south coast lot got £75m for van Dyke is beyond belief, nearly £100m spent on him and Lovren.

Now if the incidents that took place at the Kop end of Anfield had occurred at the other end of the field would Kloppo be claiming neither of them were penalties? I saw one scouse supporter say he wouldn’t, I’m inclined not to believe him. Of the officials that have been asked, current and ex, all have said both were penalties. The only two dissenting voices being Keith Hackett and Mark Clattenburg. Yes, that Clattenburg, him of the Mendes “goal” at Old Trafford, that one.

And Hackett, dear old Keith, now occasionally ITV4 show repeats of their football highlights programme from the 70s/80s, “The Big Match”. If you watch ’em you’ll notice very little of the refs.There’s no real officiating howlers and arguments, except one match. Spurs versus Man U in the sixth round of the F.A. Cup in 1979. It’s one of the worst pieces of officiating you’ll see. Penalties not given and goals chalked off for who knows what reason.

Lovren has a swing and not a miss but a touch on the first one, Kane therefore onside. Van Dyke has a swing and a hit on Lamela for the second. This claptrap that the defender pulled out and didn’t make any contact is beyond laughable.

Ah, well, you gotta laugh, I mean the scousers are having a go because Spurs celebrated getting an away draw from a losing position against a team that they are competing with for a top four position. Yes, the same mob that celebrated a draw with West Brom. And they think Spurs deserved nothing in a match where you’d think those in white were the home team.

Gifted the opener, Dier’s awful pass to someone, it looks like it was for Sanchez, you can’t give the ball to Salah like that. The one player in their team you can’t serve it up to on a platter. His second, in stoppage time, to go ahead again was a real piece of class, slaloming master class. Well, it’s not the first time he’s done Spurs.

It was matched in the wow factor by Wanyama’s equaliser. Different types of goals but both ones that’ll get you off your seat and get them in the running for goal of the season.

The TV/paper pundits questioning bringing on Wanyama, seen solely as a defensive player, when Spurs needed to go for the win and while you wouldn’t expect a thunderbolt like he produced, his passes before and after were exquisite, driving the team forward. Including in the buildup to his goal, a lovely ping out to Eriksen, his cross palmed out and Victor’s sweet strike.

After an inept first half, where the back were jittery and the front couldn’t string two passes together, Spurs were totally dominant in that second half. Pochettino’s changes made a great deal of difference, for a change and the equaliser was well deserved. Dele’s dive was deserving of another card, though he never claimed for anything and kept on playing. Any other player and I’d bet that would be brought up in discussion.

When Kane hit the penalty straight down the middle with the keeper not moving – a keeper off his line, which wasn’t mentioned either, along with the encroachment – followed by them going up the park and Salah scoring that goal to take the lead it felt like we’d got our Spurs back.

To get a another penalty, in the dying seconds – just enough left for the kick-off after – at the Kop end to deny Liverpool an undeserved victory, is just so not Spurs. So is Kane putting this one away not Spurs either. As he said, you don’t give him two chances.

So Kloppo sarcastically applauded the linesman, who for once had the balls to do the right thing, give ’em stick when they’re cowardly and rubbish, so they should be praised here and Spurs didn’t drop further behind in that race for the top spot. It could have been worse, it could have been better but with the scouse meltdown and their conspiracy theories it at least had a funny ending.

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