Spurs barely get out of second gear

for Huddersfield.

You don’t know if an easy amble out against Huddersfield is a good warm up for the midweek Champions League game against Juventus.

On the plus side no one seemed to get injured, though Dembele took a knock and looked iffy for a little bit, added to that plus was the two goals for Son, as he returns to form after a very slight drop off.

Spurs didn’t have the swagger that destroyed Huddersfield in the away fixture but there was a comfort here that is maybe missing from games where the visitors are lower down the table and fighting a bit to stay in the league. Maybe it’s because you know Wagner’s side aren’t a flat back ten mob, they want to play, it’s just here they weren’t allowed to.

But they’re not used to just cramming the front of the box and so you felt there would be chances that with a real bus parking manager – Jose, Pulis, etc. – wouldn’t be available. So it took nearly half an hour for the opening goal and in the end only two came but it was relaxed, it wasn’t frantic, there wasn’t the panic.

Both goals were two of the best bits of play in the game. The first an excellent through ball to the excellent Son, he rounded the keeper and slotted home nicely, immediately pointing to Dele for that assist.

The second, ten minutes after the break, a cross from the right touchline, curling across the box to land perfectly after one bounce on the head of the advancing Son. The cross was from Harry Kane, he didn’t score but he played his part and provided the pass of the game.

He could have had a goal, well a better chance at one than came his way, if the officiating hadn’t been inept as usual. Son found in the box, may have been offside, looked a little surprised and took his time to turn and shoot, he didn’t get the chance to do the latter as the defender sprawled on the floor took him to the ground with an expert piece of tackling… rugby tackling. How a penalty wasn’t given is beyond… everyone.

They had one really chance, but Ince fired straight at Hugo and for most of the game Huddersfield hardly got out of their own half. It was no coincidence that after Dembele was substituted they finally managed to touch the ball a couple of times.

It was a bit of a didn’t get out of second gear, didn’t need to, cruise. Juve should be different but will Spurs be. Son didn’t start that first game, was his starting place here an indication he wouldn’t in the return leg, with the benched Lamela coming in, as he did in that first game? But has the Korean made sure he will return with the return of his goals. Important goals again, openers, equalisers and winners.

Aside from the goals, Son was the outstanding player, he was turning the Huddersfield players inside out, throughout the game. Can he still be underrated? What have those that wanted him away after that first season got to say?

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