When is equality not


When it’s men and women getting the same amount of money as each other in sport.

The Women’s Tour of Britain started on the 13th and those taking part are cock-a-hoop that they will receive the same amount of money as the men, whose tour takes place in September.

Every placing will be matched pound for pound with the men’s Tour of Britain, with both stage prize money and overall general classification paying down to 20th place.

It’s a victory for equality.

I’m so excited about the Women’s Tour. The race is the pinnacle of women’s professional road cycling in the UK, and it’s an important step to offer equal prize money to the comparative men’s race.

To be honest, I wish gender parity wasn’t an issue in cycling; I think I speak on behalf of most women in the peloton when I say I just want to get on and compete and be recognised fairly for what we do. Lizzie Deignan

Equality, parity and fairness eh? Really? Let’s see.

The women’s race is 5 stages and 678 kilometres.
The men’s race is 8 stages and 1140 kilometres.

So the women are getting the same money for doing less a lot less, 40% less. That’s not equality. That’s not being paid for the same money for the same job.

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