Tonight’s special guest star on the Mike Dean show

Burnley vs Tottenham Hotspur Highlights (2-1) English Commentary

Mauricio Pochettino.

Pochettino lost his cool after Spurs lost the game to Burnley, going after Dean at the final whistle in a way we’ve never seen before, Spurs’ performance didn’t help the situation.

It wasn’t Mike Dean that lost it for Spurs, he tried his best, much in the same way it wasn’t Burnley that won it. Burnley didn’t deserve to win, as many have said since Saturday afternoon, Spurs just didn’t deserve to win either.

This wasn’t some great master plan by Sean Dyche, it was the standard flat back nine or ten to go with a quality keeper and Spurs playing into their hands.

It’s no coincidence that Burnley’s unbeaten run, after such a poor start to the season, came when Heaton replaced Joe Hart. Heaton is a top notch keeper, Joe Hart is an ego. Southgate was in the stands and he should be making the Burnley number one, England’s number one. Pickford has gone too Hart for his own good. Too cocky for someone who makes so many mistakes, costly mistakes.

Everyone expected England’s number nine to feature, Harry Kane had declared himself fit and ready but would it be from the bench or from the start? Well, it was the start and not long in it looked like Kane wasn’t as rusty as he had been after previous injury layoffs. It was only the goal that was missing from a good early attempt. Later on he brought an outstanding top corner save from Heaton.

The problem wasn’t with Harry but the service he wasn’t getting and the way Spurs were playing.

It was expertly summed up by two players shortly before half time. Danny Rose and Harry Winks. With Rose out wide, he had the ball and a defender close, he passed back to Winks, who had no pressure. There was a gaping hole between the defender on Rose and those crammed in the box. All it needed was a pass through that hole to a player running around his defender. But no, once he’d passed the ball Rose stood still, while Winks was clueless and just passed it back to him and stood there while Rose passed it back.

Push and run. It rings a bell…. something about Tottenham Hotspur.

Friday night Neil Warnock was going on about referees guessing and so the first game on Saturday and Mike Dean and his lino have a bit of a guess about who got the last touch Vertonghen for a corner or Hendrick for a goal kick. They guessed wrong.

Once that happened you knew what what would follow. Foyth leaves his man and it’s one nil.

Pochettino was fuming. Dyche was matching him because Danny rose stole a couple of yards with a throw in that caught Burnley out. Kane took his goal like he hadn’t been out for seven games. For Dyche to have a complaint Burnley would have to take their throws from the exact spot the ball went out in every game. I don’t think they do. But Dyche wouldn’t be a hypocrite would he? I mean surely he had a go at his players who struggled with gravity and went down very, very easily.

He certainly wouldn’t complain about fouls by other teams would he… not after Bardsley escaped what should have been a straight red for a snide challenge on Rose. Rose who was booed non-stop by the natives for the temerity of being fouled, repeatedly. You’d think being on 99 red cards, Mike dean would have taken this gilt edged opportunity for the ton up.

The Burnley winner came when Aurier decided to play the ball infield to keep it alive rather than just launch it into the stands. The things Spurs will do to prevent a draw.

So the final whistle and Pochettino was in Mike Dean’s face. Not like the boss really, he shows his anger but he doesn’t tend to go after officials like that. The media are desperate for a touchline ban, but surely this is a first offence, hell how many times did Wenger attack others and nowt ever happened to him.

Anyway, back to being under the radar, just have to give Chelski a kick in the SarriBalls…

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