Is that it for Pochettino

Chelsea v Tottenham (2-1) | Premier League highlights

and Spurs?

After the inept performance in losing to Burnley at the weekend, Pochettino called out his players and their mentality they followed it up by an even worse performance against Chelsea… that can’t be good for the future.

Pochettino said after the Burnley defeat that his players struggle to get up for a game they should easily win, he said it could take 5 to 10 years to change this mentality. He then said it was easy for them to be motivated when playing Chelsea.

What Pochettino said was probably right, you feel he’s turned it around since his arrival, there was that run of unbeaten games against newly promoted teams, he said that he’s said it all to the players and so he should but after he said that what went on with Mike Dean after the Burnley game should stay on the field and not be repeated to everyone… shouldn’t what you say to the players stay in the dressing room?

Now what he’s said maybe doesn’t match up with the way Mourinho has called out the players in public at his last two clubs but when you see the abject performance against the team they were easily motivated against it doesn’t look good.

If you call the players out and then they don’t perform, where do you go from there? When you call out the players and they’re actually worse, have they stopped playing for you? Do they think he won’t be there come next season, never mind in 5 years time or in some cases do the players know their not going to be there?

Overreaction? Of course. But it just seemed something changed with that Burnley game. Poch’s post match on field reaction, something we haven’t seen from him in his time in England. Then having a go at the players. Then following up a bad performance with an even worse one, there’s normally a bounce back. This just feels different.

This was an awful performance, started badly, had a brief respite then descended to utter rubbish. The flames that the home side came out to were West ham bubbles embarrassing… Spurs performance was worse.

One shot on target all night and that was from Trippier for his own goal. Another in a string of individual errors that have mounted up to lost goals and lost games this season. Hugo gets all the blame for their opening goal going through his legs, when Toby was equally at fault for some weak defending. Then Trippier and Hugo combine for the clusterfuck second. The World Cup has ruined this pair.

Having Harry back doesn’t have seem to have done Spurs any good. Two games back and two defeats this one where he was non existent except for winding up Luiz and Azpilicuetaon a couple of occasions. He put his head into the latter and could have been in trouble but the FA aren’t doing him for it. Son might the one most disappointed about this. From being the main man, knowing the pressure was all on him when Kane was out injured, and thriving on it, he hasn’t looked the same player in these last two games.

The fat lady has sung about the title but if they don’t win at the weekend in the NLD then you can put a fork in Spurs… could the manager be done as well…

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