If Jose is gonna win the Cup, Spurs are going the hard way

Boufal Equaliser Spoils Son Strike | Southampton 1-1 Tottenham Hotspur | Emirates FA Cup 19/20

about it.

Another Cup tie, another replay, as Spurs grab a draw from the jaws of victory against Southampton, meaning another game they really didn’t want.

Wash. Rinse. Repeat.

Yup, the standard Spurs display of start off well, don’t take chances, let them get back in it and can’t keep a clean sheet.

Spurs main man was again, Lo Celso, who again showed he has it all. Tackling, dribbling, passing – most of which were forward – and shooting. He had an early shot chalked off for Son being offside, it just brushed the Korean, it was he who created the goal, just before the hour.

Taking the ball from Aurier he held of a challenge and as is the way he does it, headed up field – no cowardly sideways ball – holding off two Southampton players trying to squeeze him and then skipping past a lunging challenge, cutting inside the next attempted tackle he’d gone from just outside the Spurs box, into the Southampton half he passed it off to Lamela. He shifted it sideways to Son, just a bit behind him, he had to stop to pick up the ball. Son brought it onto his left foot and smacked it inside the far corner. The hosts were moaning about a foul by Dele but it wasn’t and the goal was given.

The only way the home team could stop Lo Celos was fouling him. He was on the end of a couple of bad challenges and one forearm to the throat.

Spurs did get a bit of luck. Tanganga had already saved them early on with a goal line clearance after good defensive covering, when Hugo had gone on one of those mad dashes of his, you know where he gets nowhere near the ball. And then when he blocked a shot with his face – which I’m apparently not the only one that thinks looks like Forest Whitaker. The young defender did handle the ball in the box and I think most of us were surprised VAR didn’t give the penalty.

They also got lucky with the fact I’d put Ings in my fantasy team. I know this game doesn’t count but the moment I transferred him in he stopped scoring. Before he couldn’t stop, well. He had a number of chances here, chances that just a few weeks ago he was banging in with great regularity. Not now.

He did lay on the equaliser with just three minutes of normal time left. Aurier lost the ball in the middle of the Spurs half, the ball was played to Ings, who had run away from the clueless Winks. Ings cut it back in front of the clueless Winks, to Boufal to hammer home for his first goal in over two years.

Think we could all have done with a week off but no another replay…

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