Nah, I can’t feel sorry for Villa

Son rescues Spurs with dramatic last-minute goal! | Aston Villa 2-3 Tottenham | EPL Highlights

after Spurs’ victory.

Jose felt that Villa didn’t deserve to lose, after their hearts were broken in the dying seconds, with Son’s last minute winner.

Don’t know what it is but I can’t like Villa and after their manager’s Brum bleating about the perfectly good bit of VAR, I’m even happier they were beaten, especially in this way.

Yes Villa had a good opening spell but they were gifted two goals and if Son, Dele, Moura etc hadn’t fannyied about in the Villa box, or hit their shots at the Villa keeper then the home side would have been on the end of a stuffing.

Ah, the media darling that is Pepe Reina, man of the match I believe, for having the ball kicked at him. Don’t know if there’s any keeper talked up as much as Reina. It’s funny how the phrase “an uncharacteristic mistake from Reina” was well used, for all those uncharacteristic mistakes.

The Spurs front four had a combined 19 shots between them, eight on target, with Son the most profligate, six of his seven shots were on target, all but two were at Reina, sufficiently enough for him to make easy saves. Including that penalty.

Off to a bad start then. A decent cross from their right and Hugo starts coming for the ball, changes his mind halfway there and goes back on his line. This confuses Toby who then panics and puts the ball in his own net. I don’t know, if he’d left the ball their striker probably wouldn’t have scored.

Jack Grealish was fouled but he was also struggling with gravity again.

The equaliser came about from a bit of good fortune, followed by a hell of a strike. A corner bouncing off the flinching Moura, rebounded off Dier’s backside, where Toby turned and blasted home his first goal for years.

The second came just before the break. Playing a high line the Villa defence were probably more confused by the sight of Winks playing a ball that was not only more than 3 yards but was forward and forward to a Spurs player. Bergwijn latched onto the ball and was brought down in the area. It’s a clear foul with the defender not getting any of the ball in the challenge until Bergwijn kicked it off him.

Post match the Villa manager made a fool of himself saying “even the player didn’t appeal”. Bergwijn is calling for it as he’s going down and lies there with a look of disbelief that it wasn’t given. He also claimed no one thought it was a penalty. Dele’s arms are outstretched appealing. It’s clear and obvious that the ref got it wrong, with his goal-kick.

The stupider the run up the more likely the penalty will fail. Up steps Sonny and decides to take his fannying about in the box to the next level. Luckily after the save Son was the first to react to get the lead.

The equaliser came shortly into the second half when Spurs again failed at a set piece. A simple header from a corner and it’s level. Though Toby wasn’t gonna get much height with that arm on his shoulder.

Spurs should have been battering them. Villa weren’t really in it by now and the chances, Son, Dele, Moura were fluffing looked like they would cost the team. As he was interviewed post-match, Jose interrupted Son to say “you’re talking about the goal scored, what about all those he missed?”

It was a game of errors and redemption. Toby, scoring at both ends. Engels giving away the penalty then scoring the equaliser. Reina saving the penalty then not saving the second effort. Son missing sitters then scoring the winner, with a brilliant finish. Engels didn’t get any time for redemption after he let Davinson’s punt up the park go under his foot. Son was onto it straight away, into the box he opened his body up and put the ball close enough to Reina, that he could have saved it if he was as good as they make him out to be.

We know Son can do – though it did seem to come as a surprise to Martin Keown, who obviously hasn’t watch Spurs when Kane has been out before – finish like that and it wouldn’t have been a last gasp victory and nobody would be saying Villa deserved anything from that game.

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