R.I.P. Little Richard… the king and queen

Little Richard Long Tall Sally - Tutti Frutti

of rock and or roll.

Sad news that one of the few remaining original pioneers of rock and roll music, Little Richard, passed away, aged 87.

Greg Renoff asked on Twitter Where would rock-n-roll be without these three?, he was asking about Bo Diddley, Chuck Berry and Little Richard. As I replied… Pat Boone, that’s where…. and nobody wants that.

All three are now dead and who of the originals are still with us. Jerry lee lewis is about the only one.

Was Little Richard the biggest surprise of the ones that made it and crossed that divide from “race records” to the “white charts”? It did help that the numbers he came up with and out with were just so damn catching, “Tutti Frutti” then “Long Tall Sally”. His height probably helped as well, as he stood up at the piano and was hidden behind it sat down. The girls went wild… ironically.

Every rock and or roller from then owes something to Richard…

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