Only the end of season party left for Spurs

RB Leipzig vs Tottenham (3-0) | UEFA Champions League highlights


Spurs’ season effectively came to an end with not even a whimper, never mind a bang, as they crashed out of the Champions League to Leipzig in an awful display.

An awful display, a well used phrase of late to describe Spurs. This could quite easily be the worst of the lot. Yes, if you can’t bet Norwich or Burnley there’s little chance that they’ll beat the team currently third in the Bundesliga.

Losing a goal early really made no difference for what Spurs had to do. They needed to score at least two goals to have a chance of going through, after Leipzig’s one nil victory in the first leg.

Individual errors. Three games on the trot they’ve conceded the first goal with help of an error by the goalkeeper. Vorm against Norwich, Lloris against Burnley both deflected a shot back into the danger area. Here Dier had got his body behind the original attempt, the blocked shot was picked up by the shooter, who crossed for Sabitzer to shoot from the edge of the box. His strike had the ball spinning away from goal but Hugo got his hand to the ball, his hand wasn’t low enough and his touch put the ball in the net.

Spurs had started better than expected before that 13th minute strike just sucked the life out of them. As said it made no real difference to what they had to do, score two.

Though that looked far too much for them to achieve. It was all over a little over ten minutes later. A cross field punt and Aurier heads the ball up and back, into the path of the RBL wing-back who crosses and Sabitzer has his and RBL’s second. Hugo beaten at his near post. Totally caught out, seemed to be looking where the ball might be going, rather than where it was.

Another Lucas Moura hat-trick was required. And nobody remotely believed that miracle was gonna happen again.

Their third came just minutes for the end of normal time and it was strange that at the end they had just two more attempts on goal than Spurs, 5-3, because they looked like they could have scored at any time, while Spurs never looked like getting even a consolation. RBL did ease off in the second half, knowing the job was done, Spurs weren’t coming back from this. No Amsterdam great escape this year. No hip. No VAR help.

Lo Celso was the only player that showed anything but how can you soar with the eagles when you’re surrounded by turkeys.

Jose was gonna win us a trophy, wasn’t he? Will he even survive to the end of next season to have that chance to pick up a pot…

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