A sign of life from Spurs

Lo Celso goal keeps Spurs’ European hopes alive | Tottenham 1-0 Everton | Premier League Highlights

it didn’t last.

Another borefest restart game from Spurs as they managed to overcome an Everton side that did less than nothing for 90 plus minutes.

A one nil victory coming from an own goal against an Everton side that did offered nothing in attack that wasn’t instigated by Spurs giving away stupid, cheap fouls around their area. Son and Hugo did handbags.

Well there’s your game summary.

You could tell from the start what was gonna happen when Jose picked a midfield of Winks and Sissoko. Dear god the “oneofourown” mob talking up Winks passing it sideways and giving away stupid free-kicks.

Thank god they bought Lo Celso, if they didn’t have him just imagine how bad it would be, when they are this bad with him. His shot was going well wide when it bounced of Keane.

Yeah, there’s your first half highlights. The fourth official showed that there was five minutes of added time at the end of the half, Jose looked astonished, he looked at his watch and I imagined him thinking “I can’t watch five more minutes of this crap”.

The real highlight of the game came at that half-time whistle, when Hugo got his handbag out and had a swing at Son. Coming out after the break there was the kiss and make up for the cameras.

The second half was even worse from Spurs as they did very little but give away fouls that Everton put balls into the box. You know those type of balls that Spurs have been so adept at defending this season. Yeah, Winks why not push him over when he’s facing the corner flag and going nowhere… “but I put my arms up, it can’t be a foul”.

Somehow they got away with it, which showed how bad Everton were. An Everton that were there for the taking, with their passive play and Pickford in full flapping mode.

Everton offered so little it was hard to gauge the new centre-back pairing of Dier and Toby. While at the other end it was a frustrating night for the unserviced Kane.

Jose was as passive as Everton. Where are the subs Jose? For the man famed for his first half or half-time changes when it’s not working it was nearly 80 minutes before the first change came here and then it was another head-scratcher. Why was Moura still on the pitch? Yes Bergwijn but what has Lamela done to Jose to have to wait until into added time to come on, when he’s been one of Spurs best performers since the restart?

It was a win. It was three points. It was a clean sheet. And that was all it was. Jose may be happy about the argy-bargy and all that but is anyone else…

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