Well… Spurs can’t get any worse

VAR denies Spurs penalty and late Cherries’ goal! | Bournemouth 0-0 Tottenham | EPL Highlights

Spurs start asking people to hold their beer.

Another house call for Dr. Tottenham as they stump up at clueless Bournemouth and make them look a Premier League side not relegation fodder.

Bournemouth were on a club record run of losses, they hadn’t kept a clean sheet in something like 17 games but here comes Dr. Tottenham to cure all their ills.

It’s hard to believe but the first 45 minutes of this game were quite possibly the worst 45 minutes from Spurs all season, never mind just the rubbish after the restart. Yeah, they might have been stuffed by Bayern and all that but this was Bournemouth. Bournemouth heading for the second division. And for 45 minutes Spurs didn’t trouble them bar one moment.

Ah yes the F.A. have said Spurs should have been awarded a penalty for King’s barge into Harry Kane’s back. Which is nice of them. Means sweet F.A. now. Officials on the pitch and Michael Oliver in the VAR box saw nothing wrong. Everyone else on the planet saw a penalty. We really do have the worst set of refs in the history of the English game working now. They are so 2020.

That was it from that half. A half which saw Spurs fail to register a shot on target. Something they kept up in the second half. I mean, der god, it’s Bournemouth, lads. It’s the first time they’ve ever stopped an opposition getting a shot on target, in the Premier League.

Saying that, Bournemouth didn’t stop Spurs. Spurs did. They barely got out of their own half in the first half. A combination of not being able to string two passes together, along with not being able to keep the ball when attempting to move forward.

That’s when they bothered to move forward. Certainly didn’t when Winks was on the ball. 96 touches… none of any consequence. One of our own.

Nothing was working up front, nothing was coming from the middle. Jose, this time, didn’t actually wait for ages before making a change, with Son and Ndombele coming on at half-time for Bergwijn and Lo Celso. Neither of them had had a good half. But why remove them and keep the real problem of Winks and Sissoko on?

Ndombele had a decent second half – in relative terms – he looked livelier than most and as Spurs had a lot of the ball after the break he looked like the one that would create something. Now, if they’d just had another creator, like Lo Celso there.

Son had a fairly useless half, which a really bitty, stop start affair. With a long break after a Bournemouth player ran into Ben Davies.

It was a game that was going nowhere before Spurs got a bit of luck, when they had a goal ruled out in the hours and hours of added time, for a handball and then Hugo made an excellent save in the dying seconds.

A point. A clean sheet. that’s yer lot. Not much is it?

Truly, truly awful…

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