Spurs… wash… get rinsed… repeat

Saïss header rescues late point for Wolves! | Wolves 1-1 Spurs | Premier League Highlight

it’s not working.

Spurs haven’t played numerous games during December, they’ve played the same game numerous times but after the latest dropped points, against Wolves, has Jose admitted they’re not playing for him?

The month started so well, Spurs beat ARSEnal and were top of the table, it’s ending with a whimper as they dropped more points late in the games. Wolves join Liverpool and Palace in taking points from Spurs in the last 10 minutes of the game, five points in total. Seven points from two wins and a draw becoming two points from just two draws.

And it’s been done in the same way by Spurs dropping off and just letting the opposition come and get what they needed. Defending at set pieces don’t help, either.

But apparently, from his post match comments, Jose didn’t tell them to do this. So are they not listening to him? Not playing for him? Or are they just scared of doing something that’ll have him shouting at them, as he did at Dele against Stoke?

Though when Winks gave the ball away with what even the commentator called a “sloppy pass” and Wolves nearly scored from it, Jose didn’t berate him. But then maybe Jose didn’t want to highlight his own mistake in thinking a nothing man-of-the-match performance against a mid-table Championship side should see him start in the Premier League. Jose might not care for passing stats but it’s all Winks has and when at the end of the first half he has the second lowest passing percentage of all the Spurs outfield players, what’s the point of Winks? Winks played the whole 90 minutes plus.

It all started so well… well apart from that team sheet which had a look of transfer window opening soon shop window about it.

A minute in and a goal up and a goal that didn’t come from Kane or Son. From a corner the ball was played back to Ndombele, who had been lurking on the edge of the box, from where he fired in a shot that took the keeper by surprise, wrong footing him.

57 seconds or something like that… 89 minutes plus added time to sit back and hang on and that’s the way they played it. Ndombele was having a bit of a stormer but it was just him. Son and Harry were off the pace and were barely part of the game as an attacking threat come the second half.

From that point it was Wolves attacking and Spurs being thankful they didn’t have Jimenez available.

It was inevitable and everyone was expecting it so it came as no shock when Wolves got their equaliser. no one was shocked that it came from a set piece. As Davies and Harry failed to stop Saiss’s header.

Then we had the usual blind panic last five minutes, where Spurs figure out they’re gonna have to actually do something but are so entrenched in what they were doing they don’t know how to construct an attack any more. We’ve all seen this rodeo before.

Again Spurs were thankful as Wolves’ Jimenez stand-in, Silva, missed a glorious chance, with seconds to go, to take all three points.

Again other teams had done Spurs a favour, again Spurs couldn’t or didn’t want to take advantage, a win would have moved them up to third, just four points off top and a point behind second placed Everton.

It’s not working Jose… you wonder what it would be like if there was a crowd, who’d paid to watch it were in attendance…

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