Spurs don’t even offer up a whimper

Two penalties overturned by VAR in semi final defeat | HIGHLIGHTS | Spurs 0-1 Chelsea (0-3 on agg)

in either leg.

The second leg of the Carabao Cup semi-final went by much like the first as Spurs offered up very little in another defeat to Chelsea and what little there was was nullified by VAR.

Never mind goals, attempts etc. the most telling stat of the 180 minutes plus added time was that Spurs didn’t get a single yellow card. Two games against Chelsea and they didn’t get booked once, not once. No flair up. No fight.

And that was it. There was no fight. Two games, a cup final in the offing and no fight from those in white. How Dier was missed.

Again, as i said after the previous leg, I wouldn’t be to excited if I was a Chelsea fan. Spurs were atrocious but they had to rely on being gifted all three goals, over the two games. Thought they were gonna start early in the gift giving in this game.

Not long in and a long ball and Lukaku has only Davies for company, his shot rebounded off Gollini, back to Lukaku from where it bounced off the retreating Sanchez for a goal kick. Maybe their luck had changed, last week one of those rogue bounces would have gone in.

It didn’t take long for the killer goal to arrive. Less than 20 minutes in when after more nothing defending, a decent block by lo Celso, saw the ball go out for a corner, from there they got another corner. From that, Tanganga, yet again, loses his man with ease and that man ends up scoring. With the help of his back and the Flying Gollini. Who had his eyes closed tight shut when he completely missed the ball.

Well, that was it really. Three up, you couldn’t see an Ajax comeback from the way this lot were playing. When Kane bumbled his first chance and the was inches from a back post tap in, you just knew.

There was three VAR decisions. Two for penalties, one for whether a goal was offside. Of course all three went against Spurs, rightly so. You just knew as Kane scored that “goal” he was offside, if he was on he would have missed.

The whole thing could be summed up by Winks. With a huge gap on Chelsea’s left, Kane was running through and pointing where he wanted the ball. Under absolutely no pressure, Winks missed him by a country mile. Of all the bad passes over these two games, this was by far the worst.

Again from Conte it seemed like a team to make a point to Levy. Nearly a fortnight into the transfer window that has seen no activity, bar the pathetic attempts to bring in a player with no final ball, to play him out of position to replace a player with no final ball. That latter player, the one that they’re already trying to replace, being one of Paratici’s signings. Another is the goalkeeper, Gollini, who didn’t exactly shine at Villa and has been less than spectacular at Spurs. Why did he start, when Hugo played the first leg? Was it to say to Levy get me a new one or make sure Hugo signs that new deal?

What excuse has Conte for repeatedly playing the failure Winks or putting Doherty in at left wingback? Is it just to highlight the paucity of the squad?

And now there’s talk of players expecting Conte to walk when the window is closed because there’s going to be no new additions, or at least any that lift the team. Said at the beginning I wasn’t so sure about Paratici. I mean a DoF that’s built his reputation on signing, well known, free agents on huge weekly wages – £400,000 a week for Ramsey, who has played one 90 minutes for Juve. How hard is it to entice a player when you just have to say… “Hey, come play for Juve, we’ll give you half a mil a week”.

It’s not exactly how Levy likes to work.No. This transfer window, like so many that have gone before, is the way and I don’t think it’ll be the way that makes Conte happy to stick around. A betting company tweeted…


Honestly, nothing appears – bar Traore – this January, then that’s worth a punt…

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