That some were happy about the Spurs performance

Frankfurt v Tottenham Hotspur (0-0) | A frustrating night in Germany | Champions League Highlights

just shows how bad the NLD was.

Spurs latest champions League borefest, against Eintracht Frankfurt, saw a more lively performance but it was seriously lacking, in many aspects on the pitch, resulting in a nil-nil draw.

In a surprise to no one, Conte went with the same eleven that started that previous Premier League game. Yeah, no thought of giving someone a run out at right-back to get them ready for the three games Emerson will miss. Nah.

I fully expect him to name Emerson in those games he’s suspended for. maybe he’ll put a wig, false beard and a pair of specs on the Brazilian and hope no one notices.

There was more life, well, hell there couldn’t be less life than that other game. But just like that other game the life was extinguished as it got near the opposition box. Why is it that when there’s a good break the player that sees the ball the most in the final third, it’s the player you least want there… Emerson?

Sonny is fully back to his pre-Leicester form, running into defenders, losing possession, hitting the wrong pass, missing chances he would have buried previously. The link on the left with Perisic isn’t there, but it isn’t a coincidence that Son’s best moments this season have come when Richarlison wasn’t on the pitch and the formation had switched to a front two, not Conte’s usual three.

Richy and Kane’s passing was probably even worse than Sons’. That front three is a classic, looks good on paper, picking your best players but doesn’t actually work on grass.

There was the usual fannying about at the back, almost trying to lose a goal, as if they need to be behind in order to actually perform. The second half started like that, it was almost a reversal of the usual format this season. Normally it starts slow and poorly and there a little lift after the break, and presumably a Conte bollocking. This time they started lively and came out like the half-time oranges had been laced with tranquillisers

Spurs had two shots on goal… can anyone remember them?

And with that paucity of goal action and needing a lift Conte waited until after 70 minutes were up to make his changes. A like for like LWB and then a like for like central defender, Davies for Lenglet. Made a world of difference that. Eventually he replaced Richy with Bryan Gil.

And the young Spaniard looked every bit a player who hasn’t featured at all this season for the club – just a couple of halves for Spain in his legs. Some nice touches, silky skills and then it all went pear shaped. Conte got angry. There was an exchange of gesture. It was all very Latin.

Well, it was a point, an away point, Spurs sitting second in the group with 4 points after three games that’s seen each possible outcome, but only two goals scored.

Some people were happy with what they watched. That happiness mainly coming from the low point that was the NLD performance, because if Saturday hadn’t been as bad as it was then this would have been slated…

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