Spurs heads have gone

Newcastle United move into the top four! | Tottenham 1-2 Newcastle | Premier League Highlights

will Conte follow?

Another dismal performance, more howlers, another loss, another game where they looked clueless, apparently Spurs should expect to win at Old Trafford, does this count for home games against Newcastle as well?

That was the happy clappers line from the midweek debacle. Spurs should expect to rock up at Old Trafford and turn over Man united. This somehow used to explain the atrocious performance against a not very good side. Well, what about at home?

Things didn’t start well. Everyone knew it was coming, Conte is that predictable, no one wanted it to happen – except for some real weirdos – yes, Emerson was back after his three match suspension. But things got worse, as Sanchez was lined up alongside him. And where was the Viking.

Romero and Hojbjerg out with injuries. Joining Kulusevski on the sideline, never to be seen again. What is it with the medical department at this club? Every time they say it’s gonna be a week or two, you know it’s three months minimum and more like six in the end. Though it was good to see Skipp back – he was out for quite a while.

Things though did start brightly. They actually showed some life, well a hell of a lot more life than the last game – though they did fall back to some of that stupid back pass routine, Dier who had another poor game almost scoring an own goal from one, was also lucky later not to be done for a blatant pull back on Wilson. But it was the same old story, it all fell apart in the final third.

Kane crowded out. Son can’t get the ball from under his feet. The wingbacks are awful with a delivery. Sessegnon was on the left, one incident summed him up perfectly. first off he was needlessly offside, which of course wasn’t flagged until he put in a shocker of a cross that missed absolutely everyone.

And with Spurs having a number of really good chances, and a lot of the ball, everyone was thinking the same thing. Here comes the Newcastle opener. And so it did.

Half an hour in and here’s our old friend… Omniclusterfuckshambles. One ball over the top, Wilson is through, Hugo comes running out of his box, they collide, Hugo goes down expecting a foul, Wilson stays upright and just plays on to score with ease.

Foul? No foul? VAR says no. And well, was it? Yes Wilson put his arm up, but that didn’t cause Lloris to fall over. Other than that it was just a coming together and another howler from Hugo. Maybe Newcastle are a big team, because Hugo leaves his most stupid howlers to the big games.

Overlooked in the debacle, was the run of Joelinton on the Newcastle left. He just cruised by Emerson and Sanchez as they just ambled back, not looking particularly bothered about his presence.

Their heads went. From that moment it looked like only one winner. It didn’t take long to double the lead. Weak defending all round. First fannying about at the back, then a poor kick out from Hugo to Sessegnon, who was weak to try and win the ball back. Almiron eased passed Lenglet who was doing a Kyle Walker and trying to grab him, then Hugo was lying o the ground before the Newcastle player had taken his shot.

It was all just far too easy.

There was a bit of life in the second half, yes Kane got one back – don’t know what Trippier was trying to do to him at the back post. Get himself on a register doing that in public.

But that equaliser wasn’t coming and the whole thing petered out with a whimper. Summed up by Conte’s third substitution group. Needing goals, because they needed to win this, he brought on Davies and Doherty. Two defenders for two defenders. Not exactly inspiring for the crowd or indeed those on the park. Just sends out the message of we’ll take the loss, make sure it’s just by one goal.

The only life they showed in the second half really was chasing the ref for a moan. Mainly about time wasting. When in reality they were wasting everyone’s time by playing the rubbish they were playing.

Is Conte staying? Is the talk and rumour about will he won’t he commit to the club causing unrest and the situation we are seeing now? Is there also the World Cup factor at play here. Are players who are pretty much guaranteed a place in their country’s squad putting their full effort in, knowing that one incident, one injury and they’d be out of the tournament that’s only a few weeks away – wonder if that is one reason Liverpool are faltering, along with the Klopp lifespan at a club having run out.

The Conte thing is the classic Spurs Catch 22. The team needs players, money spent but Levy won’t do that if the manager is off shortly, while Conte will be off shortly if he’s not backed with money and players by Levy.

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