How can a team be so bad and then be

Bentancur seals BRILLIANT comeback win | EXTENDED HIGHLIGHTS | Bournemouth 2-3 Spurs

so good?

Schizophrenic Spurs were at it again, as they came from two goals down to beat Bournemouth in the dying seconds, in a game that had all those good, bad and ugly bits again.

Lads, it’s Bournemouth. It’s what you’re thinking beforehand and then you see the team sheet. Conte’s gone and rested Dier – who it has to be said hasn’t been at his best over the last couple of defeats – with a view to the next two games, Marseilles and Liverpool but a back three of Sanchez, Lenglet and Davies, with Emerson and Sessegnon at wingback, was filling no one with confidence.

Bournemouth had a big lumper up front, who hadn’t scored since the first game of the season, but everyone could see he would be licking his chops at facing that defence. While all Spurs fans would be expecting every attack to die at the feet of those two wide players.

And so it went. The dithering, sideways, back passing Spurs were dithering and passing it sideways and backwards, while having most of the ball in the first half, it was about two thirds possession, it was no surprise they went in at the break one down.

Spurs losing the ball in attack, they wee Conte’d with a quick Bournemouth break. The wingbacks are no where, while the central three… well… god only knows what Sanchez was doing, with his slip and slide routine as the big lumper tapped it in at the back post.

Conte actually made a change at the break. Somehow out of all the poor performances on the pitch he picked Skipp to make way for Moura. Somehow Emerson stayed on the pitch.

Spurs had about the same amount of possession a few minutes into the second half, when the hosts doubled their lead. Sessegnon had hared up field to chase down and try and tackle, he didn’t succeed but decided to stay there and not bother much getting back. And when the cross came in from their right Emerson was on their lumper. Doing what? No one knows. I mean, when Sanchez is having a go at you, then it’s bad, really bad.

Emerson stayed on the pitch. Sanchez was replaced by Dier. Dier actually brought some life to proceedings. He was far more up the pitch than we’ve seen from one of the back three for a while – playing more right wing at times. Eventually the Brazilian shambles did make way – what has he got on Conte? It doesn’t matter how bad the others are in training, none of them could be this bad on the pitch. His shot over the stand and into the car park was the highlight.

Before this though Spurs had got one back. Another player who was getting the hook, got himself a reprieve. Sessegnon, had been clueless, again. Looking scared of his own shadow, he barely got forward and when he did he did nothing there.

It all started with an awful pass by Davies, who lined up and side footed it straight at a Bournemouth player. It went for a throw, from there through Bissouma to Hojbjerg who played a glorious ball through the channel to the advancing Sess. He took a touch, which normally would spell disaster but his second touch sent the ball past the sprawling keeper. It shouldn’t have been enough to see him stay on the pitch. Conte’s two changes should have been three.

Perisic had replaced Emerson, when the Croat’s corner was headed in by another unexpected source, Davies. After the keeper went flapping.

Spurs were creating chances. There was a hell of a lot more life. As said Dier was pushing forward, the introduction of Bentancur had made a difference. Moura was running about, there’s always life with him, if no end product. The same could be said of Gil, a late sub.

A minute into the six minutes of added time, Son’s corner was met by the head of Bentancur, rebounding out the ball fell to his feet where he knocked it into the goal. Cue midweek style delirium, cue thoughts of VAR. But there was no reason for them to chalk this one off.

Conte had disappeared down the tunnel, maybe expecting VAR, but it matched his mood for the whole game, don’t know if I’ve seen him look so disinterested during a game.

As said, as with previous posts, it was good, bad and ugly. Ugly is Emerson and Sanchez. Bad is Sessegnon. Both also cover the way they play at times. The good is just the win and some good moments of decent football. They shouldn’t have to work this hard to get a result against Bournemouth, really. But when they make it this dull and only seem to respond when in real trouble, this is what happens.

Two games upcoming this week. Almost must win in the Champions League then Liverpool, will Dr. Tottenham be back for Kloppo? Will they bother from the off…

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