It’s all Harry Kane’s fault

the pundits have spoken.

In the run up to the England’s final group game, against Wales, the pundits have all had their say and they’ve all come to the conclusion that Harry Kane is the main cause of England’s problems.

Yes, it’s all Kane’s fault that Saka, Sterling, Mount, Bellingham, Grealish, Rice, Shaw, Trippier, Rashford, or Foden haven’t played him a pass in two games.

Ashley James said, when blaming he and Jenas – yes two nothing players, who are even worse pundits – were attacking Kane, that Callum Wilson must be asking what he has to do to get some minutes in the tournament.

Wilson is a year older than Kane, they both started their professional career around the same time, 2006. In that time Kane has 51 goals for England, Wilson only has 67 goals in the Premier League. Kane has 45 in Europe, Wilson… none. So Kane has nearly 30 more goals on the world stage than Wilson has in the top flight, in 30 fewer games.

I think we all know the answer Ashley. But I do wonder why Ashley came to that conclusion.

Of course there’s no blame for those players listed above. No blame for Southgate who sets his team out to be dull. It’s all due to the man who has the most assists for England at this World Cup.

I mean, either Southgate is telling his keeper to hump the ball up the park while 70% of the team are in their own half. Or they’re not listening to him and doing it on their own. Either Southgate is telling his forwards to repeatedly cut inside, while stopping his fullbacks overlapping, as they stay in their own half. Or they’re doing this by themselves and ignoring him.

Don’t blame Southgate for not taking Kane off when he was injured in that first game and England were well ahead and in control.

Nobody asks why England are a collection of players and not a real team. A bunch of players that are always going for personal glory. Got to have that shot, got to beat that player, rather than play someone in who is better placed.

But no… blame that guy that never gets the ball passed to him for even a sniff of a chance.

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