Spurs sticking with their new game plan

Clinical Kane equals Spurs top-scorer record with 266th goal | Fulham 0-1 Tottenham | Highlights

that didn’t work last time.

Spurs seem to have gone with the formula that saw them beaten by City in the previous game, that of not turning up in either half, this time they got away with it against Fulham.

For most of the season Spurs’ game plan has been to turn up for one half of the game, usually it’s been the second half after being completely useless in the first. A couple of times they’ve tried it in the first but few and far between.

For the last two games, they seem to have gone with the idea of not turning up at all, bar a couple of minutes before half time. It got them a two goal led, which they squandered, against City, it got them the lead which they miraculously kept against Fulham.

It was the usual story. They started off brightly, going forward, attacking, which very quickly reverted to the standard pattern of play, the opposition pressing, Spurs sitting back and not being able to get out of their own half, no ball retention and just a general dullness.

The same old, same old. Spurs midfield pair up against at least three. Every time one of them got the ball, they had two opponents on them. Son, Hojbjerg and Bentancur. All kept losing the ball because they were outmanned. They weren’t helped by a ref who was letting certain Fulham players away with foul after foul.

Oh so predictable.

Harry Kane was barely seeing the ball, he’d had one long range pop, when a minute into added time at the end of the first half, a classic piece of Kane finishing. Taking the ball on the edge of the area, from Son’s pass, he turned to his left and curled in the only goal of the game to draw level with Jimmy Greaves as Spurs top goal scorer.

Honestly, yes, nine years ago I thought when he hoofed that ball high into the Old Trafford seats to waste time, knowing he was offside, then spitting on himself, would be the highlight of his Spurs career. Now he’s one kick away from breaking a record many thought wouldn’t be reached never mind surpassed.

And that was that. I mean the second half was just so forgettable. I’ve forgotten it. The only really memorable part was Conte finally taking Sonny off, it took him 75 minutes of watching the Koran struggle again. Though it’s not as if Richarlison added anything to proceedings.

It was all so tedious… that people were again talking up Emerson Royal… that’s how bad things are…

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