And Spurs are back to square one

Tottenham vs Man Utd (2-2) | Son Heung-min Rescues Point For Spurs | Premier League Highlights

but people seem to be happy.

Spurs put in a one half performance that perfectly matched so many of those under Conte, this season, in getting a draw with Man united in the chase for fourth spot, but apparently a Mason masterclass.

Well, it was a better start to the game than at the weekend, got past the first minute without conceding and were only one down by the sixth minute, not two down. Saying that the goal did come as easily as it did against Newcastle.

Porro and Romero doing their Chuckle Brothers act and doing nothing to stop Sancho just waltzing in and having a shot. All too easy, as it was for Man U in that first half. Huge gaping holes in the Spurs team, with a massive disconnect between the defence and the rest.

Their second just before half time, highlighted it perfectly. One ball from halfway inside the visitor’s half and the whole of Spurs midfield and front players is bypassed and we’re left with the unedifying sight of Rashford in a one on one footrace with Dier.

The atmosphere was… toxic. All it needed now was for Dier to sign his new contract in the centre circle during the break.

Spurs had chances in that first half but Richarlison is shot. He’ll never score in the league this season. Through on goal, he was desperately looking to lay the ball off to someone, anyone. An international striker, who cost £60m should be having a bang, not bottling it.

There was a decent bit of anti-Levy chanting. And as that second went in the cameras panned to our esteemed leader, behind him sat Donna Cullen another part of the problem, who turned to whoever was beside her and said “this is shit”.

One of the few things she’s got right. Why would any manager want a bar of her and Levy?

But then the second half saw the second half turnaround that as said we saw so many times previously under Conte this season. They went close with a mad scramble in the box before another mad scramble got one back. Surely it would have been a penalty on Richarlison from Perisic’s cross, if Porro hadn’t banged in the rebound from Kane’s attempt. But then again it’s Spurs, it’s United, the VAR would have ignored it. Luckily we had that finish from Porro. He’s a wingback, not a fullback.

The comeback was on but nearly over within seconds. Fernandez just allowed to waltz through the defence, before chipping the ball over Forster onto the bar. Forster making a decent save from the resulting header.

Shortly after Richy made way for Kulusevski. Hoping that benching Kulusevski had the same effect on him as it had on Sonny, in getting a response. It kind of did. He was a bit better than of late but not what he was but he was causing them some problems. Some thought Son should have made way instead of the Brazilian. They could both have made way but you know son can at least score.

The next changes saw a Conte sub. Ben Davies being introduced, as Mason took off both his wingbacks, bringing on Danjuma as well. Shortly after the and the comeback was complete. Kane latching onto a loose ball from a Romero clearing header, his perfect cross across the face of the goal, just curling past the defence but far enough away from the keeper to negate him and Son was at the back post to almost make a mess of it. But not.

Son started on the right, it didn’t work, he was in the middle a lot, it didn’t work he gets crowded out too easily. Son needs to be on the left.

As said the comeback was complete. They weren’t going beyond that. from totally dominating the half, causing all sorts of problems, as soon as that equaliser went in they seemed to pack it in. Sit deep and defend the point. So very Conte.

This was compounded when Mason went full Conte and brought Tanganga on for Son. The last few minutes you were basically sat there waiting for Spurs to concede the inevitable. In the end they got away with it. Man U being a massively over-hyped team, hell if Dr Tottenham can’t help ’em.

So here we are back to square one. All the people talking the second half up, showing “fight” and “character”, when they didn’t put up with a similar performance under Conte. All it took was a few Stellini games in charge for people to become easily pleased.

While any onlooking managers would be asking themselves would it be worth it… a few months and a huge payout…

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