It could actually get worse for Tottenham

Newcastle United 6 Tottenham Hotspur 1 | EXTENDED Premier League Highlights

worse than being stuffed by Newcastle.

The last time Spurs were this embarrassed on an away day to Tyneside, Levy went out and spunked a load of cash on Moussa Sissoko.

God knows what stupid trick Levy his up his sleeve after this latest shambles but I am waiting for a new manager to be announced in the coming days and I’m fully expecting it to be Scott Parker.

That would be a Sissoko level move.

So for this game, Stellini decided to go back four, the players decided to go back meh.

It was but a minute in when the meh struck, Porro and Romero just letting Joelinton dance into the box and get a shot off, which Hugo palms out to Murphy who is being meh’d by Perisic. And it’s one nil. Next up, just a few minutes later Porro and Romero meh’d Joelinton again as they let him get behind them to latch on to a hump up the park. And it’s two nil.

Three minutes later and after some of the usual aimless fannying about at the back, the ball is played forward to Son who is closed down before he gets the ball, which is now in Newcastle’s possession. Bang, it’s now in the net. And it’s three nil.

Spurs then managed 10 minutes without conceding a goal. I think it was during this period when the commentator stated as Spurs broke, it was their first opportunity to get out of their own half but just as he said that Kulusevski stopped and passed the ball back.

Ten minutes later Spurs were actually in the Newcastle half, quite high up, when they lost the ball and two passes later Isak was on the edge of the box with just Dier for company before he made it four nil.

A couple of minutes later and it was five as Newcastle just pass the balla round a static Spurs, then Isak is allowed all the time and space he wants in the box he wants to get his second.

There was 21 minutes on the clock. Twenty one fucking minutes. That is all.

Stellini reverted to the back three a couple of minutes later as Sarr made way for Sanchez. Amazingly this brought nearly half an hour of Spurs not conceding. A poor reflection on Newcastle that.

Hugo didn’t make it out after the break. Club say an injury, everyone else saying half time bust up and a refusal.

That first half saw Guimaraes run the game from midfield… it brought back memories…

Four minutes into the second half and the comeback was on. Spurs actually played some nice, go forward, non fannying about football. Through to Kane he carries it into the box and then puts it past the keeper. Imagine the season without Kane. Imagine another striker with 24 league goals in a league campaign as shambolic as this. It’s the fourth most goals he’s got in a league season, this season. I mean it’s only three less than Haaland has.

That was the high point for Spurs. That comeback it kinda petered out in the next 20 minutes before Newcastle got their sixth. Just let ’em have a go guy. Well, no one in… whatever hell colour that Spurs kit is, was doing anything until the ball is kicked off Romero to fall to the feet of Wilson for a tap in.

In the end 6-1 was a poor result for the home side. Any decent team would have racked up double figures in that first half the way Spurs were playing.

We now have talk of Levy sacking the manager and replacing him with the assistant. Again. Ryan Mason, who sat alongside Conte and is now doing the same thing alongside Stellini. And who wasn’t exactly the greatest while in the job previously. Poch is off to Chelsea, while harry will be off somewhere come the new year, there’ll be no Champions League and Nagelsmann is wanting assurances. Mate, it’s Daniel Levy, surely you’ve heard of Daniel Levy. He’ll tell you want you want to hear… then buy Sissoko…

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