Not booing players is why Spurs

Ouattara nets STUNNING LATE WINNER in sensational comeback | Tottenham Hotspur 2-3 AFC Bournemouth

are in this mess.

Davinson Sanchez bore the brunt for an all round pitiful performance against relegation fodder Bournemouth, who got revenge for the defeat when Spurs previously struggled against them.

The pearl clutchers were out in force as Stellini was forced to substitute his substitute after another clown show by Colombian. “Oh you shouldn’t boo the players, it’s not his fault he was put on”. Well no, it wasn’t but putting up with him is the reason he’s still there and coaches are playing him. Maybe a few boos a bit back and this situation wouldn’t still be happening in 2023. It is his fault he puts on a clown show.

The last three games since Conte left have seen nothing from the players to show any fight to try and prove Conte wrong about his little rant. It’s seen them struggle to get away with a draw against 10 man relegation fodder Everton. Get lucky to beat a team that battered them, in Brighton. Now struggle at home to relegation fodder Bournemouth.

It didn’t look good from the start when they just let the visitors dictate play. No effort, no press, no pressure. Just play it around lads. Spurs were equally aimless with the ball at their feet but it took one decent ball over the top from Lenglet, Perisic to make the run and put a cross in that Son finished to open the scoring.

Unfortunately 20 minutes after that pass Lenglet had to depart, Sanchez replacing him, which resulted in Romero shifting to the left of the central three. This seemed to induce Romero into his headless chicken act, while it was only three minutes after his introduction that Sanchez was ran past for Bournemouth’s equaliser.

Defensively Porro had been slack already in the game – this wasn’t the first time the visitors had attacked Spurs’ right to create a good chance – putting Sanchez alongside him did not help him one bit. Porros was scurrying back when played the ball by Sanchez. He then lost the ball before a ball played through past Sanchez, then a lovely chip over Hugo.

Six minutes after the break Sanchez was turned inside out before getting his foot on the ball and playing the perfect pass for the Bournemouth player to dink it over the sprawling Romero.

Cue the boos. Yes they were all bad. Yes they all deserve boos. But if they hadn’t booed Sanchez, he would have stayed on because without the calls would Stellini sub his sub? It did take him seven minutes. Don’t boo him and he’s playing next week if Lenglet isn’t fit. You can clutch your pearls all you want but staying schtum is the reason Sanchez and many others are still at the club.

Without Moura to bring on due to his suspension, Danjuma was Sanchez’s replacement. A bit later and it was panic stations as Stellini removed Skipp for yet another attacker. So now Spurs had Kane, Son, Kulusevski, Danjuma and now Richarlison on the pitch.

The only problem being everything was crammed in the middle, where Bournemouth had packed out their defence. No space but no one getting wide and putting decent crosses in.

Richarlison is never going to score a league goal for the club. He thought he had his first but it was chalked off for Danjuma being offside in the build up. He should have had his first when missing a sitter of a header from a corner. It went where he headed it, which was wide of the post.

They did finally get another. This time it originated from a Perisic long throw, something they don’t do enough. He has the ability, it’s a potent weapon but how many times do you see him throw the ball backwards, or short instead of launching it in the area? nodded on it fell to Danjuma at the edge of the area for him to get his first league goal, he celebrated against his former team. VAR checked, because Kane was in an offside position when the ball was struck but the deflection off a defender meant it didn’t matter where Kane was the keeper had no chance to save it.

Two minutes to go plus six minutes of added time. Plenty of time for Spurs to get the win… err blow it, in true Spurs style. Those added minutes there only really seemed one team that wanted to win it. The one who had been on the end of the last gasp winner for Spurs in the reverse fixture, which also ended up 3-2 to the away side.

A ball over the top, weak defending, shambles defending, scrambling defending, and the ball is in the net for the winner.

Replacing Conte with a bloke who has spent his whole career shadowing Conte amazingly hasn’t worked out any better than keeping Conte. Who could guess.

Levy got a bit of the Sanchez stuff not enough, he’ll just merrily go on about his way, wasting time and money, getting the wrong manager, keeping the same players, buying new ones that no one wants in positions they have plenty and ignoring positions where they are bereft. After all the stadium was pretty much full and will be come next season as well. And if they sneak into the champions League he’ll be more than happy as that’s his goal at the start of the season.

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