Daniel Levy has played a blinder

Tony Soprano: “He's fuckin' dead to me!”


In another case of deja-vu all over again, Daniel Levy has agreed to take the money and run by selling Spurs’ best player on the eve of the new season. And some are OK with it.

I mean we’ve all seen this movie before, right? Well, no. From some of the tweets out there, tweets claiming a club would only do this if they had a plan. Yeah. Tweets by people who have never heard of Fraizer Campbell.

Well, there’s those Levy fanbois and the ones that think Levy has pulled Bayern’s pants down. Why? Well because he got them to up their bid from the original £60m to the required £100m. The Germans did though seem to struggle with £s and €s.

Yes a blinder here by Levy.

In a world where Rice is going for more that £100m. Where Caicedo is going for more that £100m. This is a blinder. Yes, I know both are far younger than Kane but neither of them are going to win you games really. On the other hand a player who can score 30 league goals in a season, while being in a team with no creativity, a team where the manager seemed to instil a fear of going forward and the players surrounding him were in no sort of form. That player will win you games. Especially when put in an attacking team that feeds him – like Spurs finally looked to have done with the simple addition of Maddison.

Was Maddison sold a pup here? Was the manager?

I mean in a world where Havertz is being sold for £65m. A player who in three Premier League seasons has amassed a whole 19 goals over 91 games, is going for just a few million less than a player who gets that total in a bad season.

Take a bow Daniel Levy.

People now asking what the £100m will be spent on. You think it hasn’t already been spent. But what have they lost out on? Well, with Kane Champions League qualification is a possibility and with that comes the possibility of a decent payout. It’s estimated the four English clubs in the 2021/22 Champions League raked in between €117m and €77m. And that’s just the taking part and TV money, no gate receipts and extras. So Kane’s price could now be well below that £100m.

Anyway, well see how it pans out, unfortunately an early indicator, the German Super Cup, will come too early, you would image has it is played tomorrow. But if Bayern don’t win, then it could be a sign of who the jinx was. Time for a bit of revisionism. After all he mainly started playing for the youth sides just after Spurs last won a trophy and he never really turned up for any of the finals.

Yup, it’s a what have you done for us lately and if he’s gone then he’s in the same category as Poch, as outlined by Tony Soprano in the video above…

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